Cock Caged and Busy

submissive husband, chastity, dominant wife“Well of course I am serious, Darling. Your little cock is staying in its cage until at least Halloween.” said Hannah as she was dressing and I was pressing her yesterday panties into my corner. “I have to admit I like you locked up. I like you in your girdle as well, but as you tell me, with your little cock in its soft cage there is no sensation at all. Which is just how I like it. Remember, there is only one sexuality in our house, mine. What I like about your little black cage is that you are excited much less often. Which makes you less of a sex pest.”

I could hear her zipping up her dress.

“The point is Dear that with your cage I can really forget all about your sex and concentrate on your training. Better still, you won’t be distracted as much when you are working and you have a lot of work to do. So, five more minutes in your corner, have a nice cold shower and slip on your girdle and get to work. Maybe we can clip your little nipple for cocktails tonight. I know you don’t like that but it reminds you of your place and I want you to remember that.”

With that she left.

Hannah is right of course. The lack of any stimulation has reduced my level of distraction. In fact, I am really only horny when she teases me or plays with my nipples. Which means I really am over on her cycle. Or, at least, getting there. Which is where she wants me and so where I want to be.

What a lot of Naughty Books…

Hannah has always encouraged me to build Kindle Books about our relationship but also about all manner of topics of a mildly naughty nature which I find intriguing. I have been building a few a month for a year or two and, good Heavens, what a lot that turns out to be.

bondage magazine, BDSM

Naughty girls tied up

The most recent is a set of bondage magazine covers from the 1970’s and 1980’s. One of the things which I enjoy about the older magazines is the lively innocence of the models. They are playing in various titilating ways.

You can see all the books I’ve made, and Hannah has approved, at my new Amazon author’s page. The author’s page is really rather slick.

Here are two free books to start your week with a little lingerie fun:

50’s Lingerie 50’s gals in stockings, girdles and bullet bras.

And So to Bed Pretty Girls in Nighties

A Week in My Cage

“So Darling, honestly, what is having your little cock in a cage like. It’s been a week and I am curious.” said Hannah.

“It feels, well, sort of normal. Or, a different sort of normal.”

“Your little cage doesn’t hurt?” asked Hannah.

“Not at all. Quite the opposite. It basically isolates my cock from any real sensation. I only feel it on when I get hard and because of the lack of sensation that does not seem to happen except when you tease me. Even my morning elections are sort of muted.”

“Muted. I like that, not a cock cage, a cock mute. Which is really what I wanted. A way to control your silly little elections. Perfect. We’ll leave it on then. Maybe on Saturday we’ll let you out… Or not.”

Still Caged

After Hannah had me with our nJoy wand yesterday I thought I might be released from my little cock cage…No luck.

“Oh, not yet dear.” said Hannah, “I like you locked up. I can have a little fun with you while not worrying at all about you getting too excited. It’s perfect. Now, have you finished the next book?”

50s porn, naughty magazine, free kindle sexy bookI had, fortunately. Here it is for free for the next couple of days. I have to admit that I love the “porn” of the late 50’s early 60’s. It is so innocent and so “naughty”.

You can download Sizzle#1 for free right here.


Hannah had the lubricant on her night table. “You can have your shower after your corner time this morning darling. But before you make my tea and go to your corner go to the bathroom and lubricate your back door. I have a little experiment.”

I did as I was told and returned to the bedroom unsure what the Lady of the House had in mind.

“All nice and slippery darling. Good, come here. I want to slide our wand up your bottom for a little while. I’ve been warming it up over night so it won’t be too much of a shock.”

As she spoke Hannah was holding the thin end of the n-joy stainless steel wand and sliding it up and down my bottom cleft. She took a firm hold of my testicles exposed by my cock cage to keep me in place and then said, “I am going to push this in now. You know what to do.”

The best thing to do when Hannah is using my backdoor is to relax and push out to meet what ever she has decided to use me with. It didn’t take long for the big ball of the wand to slip past my little ring and for Hannah to drive it all the way in until only the little ball was outside my body. It didn’t hurt, but was very uncomfortable going up my bottom.

“Perfect”, said Hannah “now pull on your girdle and get my tea. Then off to your corner. Your girdle will help keep your wand in place.”

That was two hours ago. Hannah has gone out for the morning. I am working locked up and full. And deeply content.

Chastity Adjustments

“I am so glad you find your little cage comfortable darling.  Because I very much enjoy having your little cock out of sight and largely out of mind. Now come here and I’ll unlock you for your shower. Two minutes.  Cold water and don’t lock the door.  Now scoot.” Hannah said as she sipped her tea in bed.

I spent all day yesterday locked up and my cage was under my nightie when, after Hannah had teased me until I was hard to see how my cage handled my erection, Hannah told me to turn out my light.

I am beginning to realize Hannah has no plans to let me have time out of my cock cage unless she happens to want my cock for something which is very seldom. Her choice. As ever.

I returned shivering from my shower.

“Perfect. Now put the cage back on and I’ll lock you up. Then you can lick me for a little while before you go to your corner.”

The padlock clicked shut and, naked except for my cage, I had the exquisite pleasure of licking the Lady of the House and sucking her perfect clit. I got hard in my cage and, by the time Hannah sent me to my corner for her privacy, my cock was bulging out the side of the cage.

Hannah took her time and hearing her little moans and sighs made me all the harder. At last she came and lay panting on our bed.

“OK darling, I’m done. Lick me all nice and dry and clean. You can start with my fingers.”

Hard in my cage I knelt before my sweet mistress and did what I was told.