My Position

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Look but don’t even think of touching

Hannah has posted a wonderful description of how our lives work over at her blog, A Dominant Wife. I think she says it all but, of course, there is one thing which she does not discuss probably because it is so natural to her that she wouldn’t even think about it.

As a couple we are discreet but there is little doubt amongst our friends and the various people we deal with that our marriage is female led. We don’t make a big deal of it but, as an example, if Hannah invites a girlfriend over I am simply expected to serve and to, once I have seen to their wine and hors d’oeurves make myself scarce. Sometimes Hannah will ring her little crystal bell if she needs anything, if she doesn’t, after about half an hour, I will go and check to make sure everything is satisfactory. Many times in our marriage, women have commented on how “well trained” I am. Hannah simply agrees.

When we are out in public my role is very much to defer to Hannah. And this can and does include carrying her purse when she is shopping or holding clothes she wishes to try on. My position is often noticed by shop girls. Now a lot of this is simply good manners. However, being told in a hair salon to “Wait here” while Hannah is attended to is more than just good manners. It is the public assertion of authority.

That assertion is even more evident if we have one of her girlfriends over for dinner. I will be included to a degree but Hannah thinks nothing of telling me “So darling, clear up the dishes and off you go to bed.” while she entertains her guest. And, on more than one occasion, where I have been a bit forward, she has said in front of one or two girlfriends, “That’s enough of that, you go upstairs to your corner and I will ring when you can come back down.”

She is less assertive when we are entertaining a couple, she does not like to weaken me in front of other men; but she has no hesitation in using her feminine authority when I am the only male present.

While Hannah does not often discuss our sex life with her girlfriends, I have been present when she has been asked for advice by a friend and she is very direct. “Right from the go you should make it very clear to your boyfriend/husband that you are in charge. Just tell him that you’ll be having sex when you want to have sex and only then.” The ladies usually look a bit surprised or shocked but the ones who try this method tend to visit often and seem very happy.

I often wonder if Hannah’s friends’ husbands are put in chastity or caned. But it is not something which men talk about.

Girdle Mania – Free Book

With all the chat about girdles on this site recently the Lady of the House has instructed me to make our girdle book – A Girdle Must Advertise – available for free on Amazon starting at midnight Pacific time tonight and running through to Friday. Enjoy!

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A perfect figure is a work of art

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Overnight firmness

husband in girdle overnight

Put on your girdle, I’m going to sleep

“Of course you’re hard darling. Your little cock gets excited when you watch me undress for bed and this cute little nighty just adds to your frustration. Which we both enjoy. I like to see my boi all excited and throbbing which is why I was stroking you while you rubbed my back. But that’s it for tonight. No you may not get your cup and it is pretty cheeky of you even to ask.”

Hannah rolled over and the hem of her whispy nighty rode up her thigh. I reached down and lightly touched her beautiful, cream white skin.

“Stop it. I told you I was tired… No I mean it. This is when I really wish we had one of those cock cages. I could lock your little cock up and only let you out once or twice a month. But we don’t so go and put one of your tighter girdles on. I want you to remember that you have sex when I want you to.”

I got out of our bed, erection pushing the thin cotton of my nighty out a bit in front. I went to my drawer and found a fresh panti girdle. “This one darling?”

“Just as long as it is good and tight and will keep your little cock in line I don’t care. Pull it on and get back to bed. This will be a good trial run for your having a sleeping girdle on under your nightie every night. See you in the morning.”

I write this at 7:12 in the morning. I’ve slept with my girdle for seven hours having worn a similar girdle yesterday for nearly ten. Hannah is asleep beside me and does not require tea before 8:30 normally so that is the earliest I might be able to have a break. I fear that my cock awoke hard and confined. I can’t imagine what being caged for weeks at a time would be like.

Maybe I should put one of the cheap cages on a wish list and some kind (or cruel) person might buy it for me. I could take pictures of my cock going in its cage and the pictures of it when it got hard in the cage. That might be interesting.

I don’t think there is anything sexy about my flesh coloured girdle. Hannah sees my foundations as “practical” which means white or flesh coloured. The are for control and, sometimes, punishment so she orders them in unflattering colours. I really envy the lucky husband who got two really pretty Rago side zip panti girdles. Sure, it will take a little while to get used to having a girdle on most of the time but having one of those on would let a man really know his place and how much his wife really did love him.

A quick correction

“Just because your girdle is little tight you have no right to be snippy with me. Get upstairs this minute.”

Hannah was not kidding when she said a couple of weeks ago that she was going to be raising her expectations. I stood by our bed, trousers off, girdle and panties at my knees. Hannah marched up the stairs.

“I expect you to be polite and respectful at all times. You have a nasty tenancy to be flip and I don’t like it one bit. Now bend over and put your hands flat on the bed.”

No warm up. Just six hard strokes of he favorite 36 inch rattan cane delivered quickly and accurately.

“Now pull your girdle back up and get back to work. There are two articles overdue. And you should remember that if you are flip with me you’ll be right back up here and it won’t just be half a dozen.”

(Hannah has been looking for a cane with a little more heft and found this “heel stick“. Frankly I think it looks nasty but Hannah is all for upping my game.)

Nine Hour Girdle

“Now no more pleading you silly man. I don’t care how hard you are or how long it has been since you’ve come…you were lucky I was in the mood to ride your hard little cock this morning. I like teasing you and I love how well you’ve learned to control your ejaculations …but you have lot work to do today and this week and you work much better when you are on edge. Plus, starting today I want you girdled until after dinner. Nine hours minimum. So get your girdle on and get the dog out for his walk before it gets too hot. You have at least five pounds to go so you can have coffee and a piece of toast for breakfast and a nice salad for lunch. Now get cracking.” With that Hannah, beautifully naked went to take her bath.

I am a very lucky man.

Discipline in a Female Led Marriage

ARRRRGH….is never a sound I like to hear from Hannah. She’d just written a comment on another blog (Respecting Mistress) in response to the question “can you have a Female Led Marriage without an element of punishment when the husband disobey or displeases the wife? Always ready to help I offered to put her very sensible response here until she can get to her own computer and site. Needless to say, I agree with every word she’s written.

“I can’t imagine my female led relationship – which is going into its eight year – without having complete freedom to correct Elliot as required.

Now that does not always involve caning him although that is certainly effective. But sending him to his corner, sending him up to bed, clipping his nipples or putting his equipment in an ice bucket are all effective punishments. And the long term application of a disciplinary regime combined with chastity has made him a far better, more considerate, more respectful and, I believe, much happier husband. He is certainly much better behaved than my girlfriend’s husbands to the point where they ask me “my secret”. When I tell them that sparing the cane spoils the husband they never believe me the first time. But over the years a couple of them have experimented and both now lead their marriages to the greater happiness of both couples.

A good, hard caning puts a man firmly in his place in a way that nothing else will. Cane your husband regularly and he will be grateful and attentive. Combine that with enforced chastity and lots of teasing and he’ll be delightful company and very productive.


“Why don’t you go upstairs and wait beside the bed. I had such a lovely time yesterday…” said Hannah.

I hastened to obey. When Hannah tells me to wait beside the bed that means the I am to brush my teeth, wash my hands carefully and strip down to my panties – which meant I could take my girdle off for a little while. (If she had no use for my cock she just tells me to leave my girdle on.)

I got ready and was quite hard in my panties when Hannah finally arrived. She slipped her dress off and stepped out of her panties.

“Why don’t you lie on your back. Perfect.”

I lay down as instructed and only barely had time to prop my head up with a pillow before Hannah sat her beautiful pussy directly on my mouth. She faced away so my nose was pressed tightly into her sweet rose. I know what to do and was soon rewarded with her moisture running across my lips and down my chin.

My job is to lick and suck until Hannah is satisfied. I know she is satisfied partially by the rhythm of her body grinding into my face and partially because as she comes she releases so much lovely juice that I have trouble swallowing it all as she prefers.

Now when I am lying on top concentrating on her hard little clitty  I am usually sent to my corner while she finishes in privacy. Then, as yesterday, she want me to slip my cock  in her and stroke. She like the feeling that my little cock gives her as she is coming down off her peak. Once she’s had enough of that she will put her hands on my hips which is my signal to withdraw.

However, when she starts on top, after she has had her orgasm, there is always the chance Hannah will push down my panties and fuck me that way. She requires me to put both my hands under my bottom when she is riding me like this. And I am only allowed to come if she’s pinching my nipples. Other wise I just have to lie there and follow her delicious lead. Which mainly means not falling out of her drenched cunt as she grinds herself against me. She can fuck me like this for quite a while.  The Viagra she makes me take means that I stay hard even when I am not allowed to come or even thrust very much.

As she fucks me Hannah loves to kiss me and bite my neck a little. It turns her on when I turn my head and deliberately expose my neck to her. And she’ll grab my shoulders and drive her nails in while she is fucking me.

“Lift up your knees and spread your legs, slut.” she whispered to me.  I obeyed and she kept her rhythm. I could feel her getting wetter and her heart was pounding.  She sunk her teeth into my shoulder to muffle her triumphant cry of pleasure and then lifted her soaking pushy of my cock.

“Lovely… Let me catch my breath and then you can lick me dry and get dressed. I really do love you darling. It’s so much better this way. “