Sheer Frustration

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Hannah writes,

I’ve decided to keep j chaste until Halloween. He’s not happy about it as it will mean he has not ejaculated for more than a month – longest run ever!

But it has certainly kept him on a nice edge. I have been having great fun with my night wear. I love sheer, transparent, comfortable nighties. Just wisps of fabric. dominant wife

Seeing the Lady of the House in beautiful nightwear, nighties, little sheer night dresses, the occasional baby doll is wonderful and a huge priviledge; but it is getting nearly impossible to be as obedient as I am required to be.

There are moments when I just want to dive on her. Which she knows and I am pretty sure, enjoys.

Hannah Relaxes

dominant wife

lady of the house

Hannah writes about her evening at her dominant wife blog. Relaxing for her, a bit less so for me. I passed my one month chastity mark. Hannah is showing no signs at all of being in the least bit concerned. In fact, last night she teased me a little as I was getting ready for bed.

She has nipple trained me which means that it is nearly impossible for me to ejaculate without her pinching my nipples; but it is almost impossible not to when she pinches, especially if she uses her lovely long nails. Which she did last night but without any verbal permission I just had to lie back in my nightie and pantie girdle and let her enjoy my acute discomfort. She pinched my erect nipple through the thin cotton of my white nightie. She would put on a lot of pressure for a few seconds with the tips of her fingernails and then ease off a little only to repeat the pain a few seconds latter. My cockette, I am embarrassed to say, leaked precum in my pantigirdle and I had to go to sleep in the wetness of my mess.

I so hope she lets me ejaculate sometime before Halloween.

The Great Game

dominant wife, tease and denial

Just a little while longer…

The Lady of the House has put out my panti girdle. We are closing in on a full month of no ejaculation and, frankly, I am so filled with longing I might just not be able to resist. But she’s thought of that.

“So Darling, this week you’ll be wearing your nice firm control panties during the day. And then, after you shower for bed you’ll have to have your pantigirdle on under your nightie. Don’t worry, it is only for a few nights.” and then she smiled, “Or maybe we should wait until you are all dressed up for Halloween. It would only be another few days.”

“Yes dear, whatever you decide.”

Hannah likes to really have fun with me on Halloween. Too much fun.

“Well, I’ll think about it today when you are working and I’ll give you my decision tonight over cocktails. We might want to ice that little cockette again tonight. We’ll see.” And with that she kissed me and I was off to work.

Elegant #femdom

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Look up

Hannah writes:

Long before we get to how best to discipline your husband or keep him chaste or have him provide oral services, a moments’ attention to how you present yourself seems important.

A dominant wife is first and foremost an elegant woman. She finds a style which suits her, she is demure, lady like, contained and confident. Her husband, day in, day out, cannot believe his luck….more about elegance and the dominant wife

Can We Talk? #femdom

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Can We Talk

The Lady of the House instructed me to set up her own blog called, A Dominant Wife. Hannah has told me that she wants to use it to provide tips for other wives who have decided to take charge of their marriages. I am looking forward to reading it – though I suspect I will be a bit more involved than that.


“How lovely and hard you are darling.” The lady of the house often gives my cock a playful sqeeze when I am taking her coat.

“Well, I suppose that is to be expected. But I have been curious if you could go a full month without ejaculating. You’ve been very good…very. Sowhy don’t you put this Chablis on ice and put that little cock and those full balls in the bucket with my wine. Three minutes should be more than enough time. Set the kitchen timer.”

“Yes, darling.”


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Write Me!

Since I posted my email address I have received some lovely notes from people who like this site or wish to get more information about female led relationships. I love getting mail so keep writing.

Two places you might want to look at on this blog for more information about female led relationships are:

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Enjoy them both and remember that most marriages are implicitly lead by the wife. Sending your husband to the corner or caning him simply affirms what is already going on.