corner time

Real Obedience

submissive husband In a female led relationship it takes some time for a man to really accept his position. Or at least it has taken me several years to embrace my real status.

For the longest time I fought against Hannah’s control. Not overtly but rather by mentioning my sexual frustration. I’m afraid I was a bit of a nag. And worse, I continued to have expectations that my sexuality, my urges, while unimportant, still counted for something.

This last year has put paid to that and I have finally, and thankfully, realized my sexual urges are a matter of complete indifference to Hannah. She has, largely, forgotten I have any sex at all. Instead, I have become a chaste husband who is loved dearly by his wife. And totally ignored sexually except, once or twice a month when she wants to humiliate me, I have to jerk off into my cup while she hurries me along.

“Come on. Make that little cock spurt.” she’ll say twisting my nipple. I have, perhaps, a minute. The rest of the time she is far too busy with our lives to take the slightest notice. Of course I am still disciplined and I have learned that corner time or a good whipping is a perfect substitute for any sort of sexual fulfilment I might long for.

Best of all, Hannah has pretty much ceased to want any penetration. If I am to pleasure her my tongue is all she wants or needs, and, in fact, she usually stops me before her completion and finishes herself. I am left hard and discarded on my side of the bed.

Which makes me love her all the more.

Lady’s Choice

As we come into the New Year a moment or two’s reflection on the question of physical correction. While corner time and intimate submission, hands of prostate milking, forced panty wearing and, now, the humiliating participation of the maid are all parts of my discipline, the fact is correction is almost always by way of a whipping.

So, which of the following do you think will be most effective in 2012?

A husband in brief(s)

I suspected something was up when the lady of the house arrived home a couple of days ago and announced that she’d spotted the cutest Vanity Fair high cut panty briefs on one of her vintage expeditions. She lamented that they were much too big for her and cast her eye in my direction.

And I was right. Last night, rather than having the maid attend her as she changed, she asked me to join her upstairs. I assisted her with her stockings and gave her low heeled shoes a bit of a buff. Hannah sat down at her make-up table and pointed to the pretty blush briefs on our bed, “You can change too dear.”

I, of course, complied and drew the silky briefs up my legs. They have just enough spandex to flatten the signs of my mounting excitement.

“Perfect” said Hannah. “We have the two pairs and I’ll see if I can’t find a few more. I like you in panities.”

We adjourned to cocktails.

This morning my corner time was spent in panties. I marveled at how beautifully the lady of the house uses her authority to enforce and enhance my loving submission. My cock hardened at the thought, the panties kept it, and me, in my place.


Some days start busy and stay that way. However, ritual is a vital part of the life of a man in my position and now that Hannah has decided that I am to spend a few minutes in my corner, nose to panty, naked, that is what I do. A man in my position does what he is told. Even briefly.

Probably all of five minutes. Part of which was spent realizing that I am to be punished tonight, likely with our maid’s participation. Most of the time, however, I simply thought about the wonderful woman whose most intimate scent overwhelmed my senses. A man in love.

I grew hard in my corner, ten days without release I think. Very long in any case.