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Obedient Husband FREE on Labour Day

From midnight Pacific time for Labour Day our second book of stories about our female led relationship Obedient Husband is free for Kindle.

We’d love reviews and, for those of you who have related blogs, we’d very much appreciate it if you let your readers know about this free offer.

But just on September 1.

Chastity – the Honour System

submissive husband, dominant wife, male chastityHannah has been keeping me on a rather short leash for the summer. I am at day 21 without relief and this is when it begins to become very difficult indeed. Especially as the low dose Viagra means I wake up hard and get hard during the day at the drop of a hat.

The Lady of the House seems to have backed off the CB6000S chastity cage for the moment which is a bit of a relief. But she is still toying with the idea.

What she has been doing is teasing and making me work on rather erotic books(link to a free copy of 50’s Strip Tease Artists). Nothing gets me harder faster than Hannah coming up behind me, reaching down my shirt, stroking my nipple and asking, “Do you like that girl?” when I have a picture up on my screen.

She’s very vague as to when I might be allowed some relief. As that is her decision entirely, it is nice to know that she is at least thinking about it.


“Darling,  thank you so much for posting the Amazon items.  I know it’s a lot of work but it’s fun to see what people buy and,  well if we are ever going to get a cage for your little cock we’re going to have to work hard. However…” She said slipping her hands under her skirt and slipping  off her panties. “I think you need a little corner time to focus before cocktails.  When you hear the timer go off put on one of your girdles and one of your pretty camis and bring down your nipple clips. Having your nipples clipped for cocktails always makes you  nice and hard. And don’t forget your tablet. You might as well have a bit of fun with your little cock while you still can.”

I Immediately did what I was told and, standing in my corner, engulfed in Hannah’s sweet scent, I realised she had pretty much decided to cage me.

The Lady of the House Writes about Elegant Escorts

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Elegant Escort

My darling Hannah, along with inspiring my own books about our life in a female lead relationship, is a wonderful writer in her own right. She was commissioned by a website to write about various elements of the escort business and has been having great fun looking at how aspiring girls can make escorting both lucrative and more than a little elegant.

The upshot being that she is in the final stages of editing her book called Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman which she hopes to have for sale on Kindle in early September. As part of the pre-marketing of her book, the Lady of the House had me build a blog called, big surprise, Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman. One it Hannah will be posting excerpts of the book as well as some of the research material she’s been accumulating.

As you can guess, Hannah has firm opinions about how the modern courtesan should dress, conduct her business and enjoy the surprises life brings. You can read the blog here.


Hannah’s Musings

Hmmm...a cock cage??

Hmmm…a cock cage??

I have been working hard all day and Hannah posted to her blog before I posted to mine which almost never happens.

I must admit I was a bit eager last night. And being sent to bed in my girdle was certainly well deserved. I suspect Hannah would have caned me a bit harder earlier had she been paying close attention.

I don’t like the sound of a cage very much. It looks uncomfortable and Hannah seems to think it would be best to get a “short” version. As Hannah sweetly puts it at her blog “I actually like his perfectly ordinary, if a little small, cock.” It is “a little small” not tiny and that cage does not look as if it would fit. And if I am to be kept on low dose Viagra I’ll get erections constantly. Sigh.

Well she hasn’t ordered it yet.

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Shown my place

After  my whipping I served Hannah cocktails and we had a delicious dinner and then she sent me up to bed.  “Don’t forget your tablet” she said kissing me good night.  I didn’t and I washed carefully hoping she might let me come. It has been nearly a month.

Hannah writes about her pleasure over at her blog A Dominant Wife. I was hugely excited to be allowed to orally pleasure her and relieved to be allowed to enter her after she came.

Of course I was disappointed to only be allowed gentle strokes for her greater pleasure rather than being able to thrust and maybe come.  But Hannah’s hands stayed at her side and my nipples remained untouched much less pinched.  She likes my cock  hardened  by Viagra because it will stay hard for as long as she chooses to use it. Without the Viagra, after a while, doing gentle strokes leads to a softening and sometimes Hannah would caress my nipples just to keep me hard.  Now she doesn’t have to. She can ignore me and still enjoy my cock.

After about five minutes of my obedient stroking Hannah told me to withdraw and put on a panti girdle so I wouldn’t pester her with my erection. Reluctantly I obeyed and write this entry the next morning, in bed, in my panti girdle, hard as a rock with Hannah sleeping beside me.

I am a lucky man.