dominant wife

At Her Feet

dominant wife

A Man’s Place is at her Feet

Neither Hannah nor I have a particular thing about feet. I like her feet but I am not obsessed with them. At the same time, part of my duties are to keep her toenails trimmed and polished. She likes deep red and also likes to have a choice of reds.

My job, when she says “My toenails are looking a little worn.” is to get a nice towel, a little bit of paper towel and her nail polish and wait, kneeling, at my station. Sometimes I have to remover the old nail polish and start with a base coat, blow it dry, then – quickly and accurately – apply the colour layer, blow it dry, and then a top coat if we have time. Ten or fifteen minutes usually does the job.

Hannah, to enjoy the whole salon element usually reads a fashion magazine and entirely ignores me. It is a bit humiliating but lovely none the less.

[Hannah read this post and pointed out that I a) did not mention that my book "Cornertime" is free at Amazon until Friday, b) that for every comment left on this site this week I will be spending 5 minutes in my corner and for every review at Amazon I will have ten minutes of thankful meditation.]

“Go to your Corner”

husband sent to corner, whipped husband, punished husband, dominant wifeA man in my position spends a surprising amount of time naked, pressing his nose into the deliciously scented cotton gusset of his pretty wife’s soiled panties.

Cornertime is a quick and effective punishment for the little lapses which need to be corrected but don’t call for a whipping.

I have collected a few of my reflections on being sent to my corner in an ebook called, to no one’s very great surprise, “Cornertime”. Starting tonight, March 18, it will be free to download at Amazon…here.

An Evening – Part II

dominant wife, submissive husband(Part 1 is here)

I knew what was coming. And I was not looking forward to it one bit.

“Put the water jug on the floor at the end of the coffee table Dear.” said Hannah. I did and waited for her next instruction.

“Kneel. That right, knees on either side of the jug. Perfect! Now Miss Black, a really well trained husband does exactly what he is told to do. And he does it until he is told to stop. Ready Darling…okay, lower your little balls and that silly cockette into the ice. That’s it dear. Now here is your kitchen timer…Four minutes should be about right.”

The shock of the iced water on my testicles was enough to make me forget how embarrassed I was to be kneeling in front of a strange woman in a bra, girdle and stockings. And then the ice hit the steel intruder up my bottom and I could feel it cooling in me. Hannah kept right on talking.

“Elliot loves this little old fashioned kitchen timer. I can be forgetful and a couple of times I have simply left him in his corner all afternoon. In fact, one day I went shopping and he simply had to stand there naked until I came back. And I often send him to a corner in my closet where he can enjoy his mindfulness in the dark. But, out of sight, out of mind.” (more…)

An Evening

dominant wifeThe doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

Hannah had been quite clear. She was having a Miss Black for a glass of bubbly wine and, perhaps, if they got along she might put me through my submissive husband paces. But, at the very least, I was to serve and be silent.

“And Darling, I will want you dressed appropriately. I’ve left a few things in my sewing room. Get dressed and then you can go downstairs and prepare a few hors d’oeuves.”

Appropriate dress turned out to be a very tight high waisted, side zipping open bottomed girdle in white, quite thick stockings in taupe, a white underwired A-cup front closing bra, pair of beautifully pleated, thin, light cream coloured palazzo pants, a plain white blouse and a pair of cream peep toe mules. Plus Hannah had left three other items and a pretty note.


I know how much you are looking forward to serving this evening. I hope you like your outfit.

You know what to do with the lipstick and mascara. Just a hint of each.

And you know what to do with our lovely stainless steel intruder. I’m afraid you should use the lube sparingly as you’ll be holding it in for the evening and you’ll note I’ve not put out any panties. If it drops I will be very cross. Make sure you put the big end in.


Hannah (more…)


dominant wifeThe Lady of the House seems ready for me to break my chastity. She has been kind enough to let me ejaculate exactly once in the last two weeks. But this morning she was definitely a bit interested in my oral attentions. Usually that means that, over the next couple of days, she will want me to orally pleasure her and, if I am good at that (which, modestly, I am) then there is every chance she will want me for her greater pleasure.

Or not.

And that is, of course, the point. Only her desire matters. She knows I want her desperately. But unless and until she wants me, my desires are just that. The Lady of the House is perfectly capable of forgetting my desires all together. As is her perfect right. But a man can dream.

Minding the Maid

dominant wife, maidThe Lady of the House has me working on a Kindle Book on Maids. It’s not done yet but as you can see from the sidebar I have a little blog on maids.

We’ve had a maid before and very much enjoyed the experience. Now I suspect that Hannah wants a maid on a more regular basis. And, with that in mind, she has had me searching Amazon for an appropriate uniform. (I fear the apron above is not quite the thing for regular service. What is striking is that there is very little by way of really attractive maids uniforms. You can get an apron – which Hannah has had me order for my own service. But the rest of the uniforms are either boringly functional, once around the bed or the every strange cosplay maid outfit. I suspect we will stay with the skirt and blouse with bib apron for day and waist apron and heels for evening. With a good corset and the right hemline a girl can look delicious in the evening while very practical during the day.

Stand and Deliver

dominant wife“Darling, get out of bed. Pull down your pants and pull up your nighty.” said Hannah when she saw that I was watching her dressing in our mirror.

“Now here’s your cup. Start pulling your little cock. I’ll pinch your nipples when I’ve finished dressing and you are to come.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Well, get cracking. I just have to slip on these stockings and my dress.”

I did as I was told and quickly had an steel hard erection. I kept stroking watching my beautiful wife hook the garter tabs to her sheer, seamed stockings. When she was done she walked over to me in her beautiful white sheer bra and tight little white side zip open bottomed girdle. She took both my nipples between her thumbnails and her flat cut middle fingernails and pinched them hard.

“Now come. I don’t have all day to wait for your little mess.”

Of course I squirted quickly.

“Lovely. Now you know what to do with that messy cup and remember to lick it clean.” she said as she released my nipples and turned to put on her dress.

I am a very lucky man.


dominant wife“Now Dear, I have to go out but, before I go I’m going to give you a good maintenance whipping. Now get those pants of and get on your knees and ask for your discipline.”

I instantly complied and, kneeling and looking up at my lovely wife said, “Darling, would you take the trouble to whip your loving husband. Just as hard and as long as you feel I need?”

“I certainly will. Just lie over the end of the bed and we can get started.”

I draped myself across the bed, tips of my toes touching the floor. The Lady of the House wasted no time and gave me a delicious and very firm hand warm up. Brisk strokes from side to side for a couple of minutes. “There we are, all nice and pink and ready for my pretty cane.”

Hannah’s cane whistled through the air and a line of fire slashed across my bottom. She paused, corrected her stance a bit and began to whip me in earnest. Not at all full force. I was not being punished, just reminded. But hard enough that I was vocalizing by the sixth stroke and flexing up on my tip toes until she, finally, stopped at twelve.

“Now darling, I know how much you hate it when I am not firm with you so, before you jerk your little cockette into your cup, I want you to really feel these.”

The only thing which changed was that Hannah now gave me six strokes swinging from her shoulder rather than her wrist. Still far from even half strength these last strokes raised a welt with each swing.

“Excellent. Here’s your cup. I don’t have all day to watch you jerk that little thing. Come on.” and as she said this her hand went up my shirt and, after flicking my nipple erect, Hannah dug her nails in to signal that I was to come. I was not even completely hard as I made my mess in the cup.

“Now drink it all up and lick the bottom. You really are very sweet. I’ve left my handwashing in its basket…I’ll be home for cocktails.” And with that my wonderful wife went out the door.


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After Coffee

blow job, dominant wifeI cleared away the coffee cups and we opened the New Year’s champagne. Hannah has a special affection for champagne as it reminds her of her mildly naughty youth when she was delighted to be given the gift of champagne. I had had another word with her in the kitchen.

“So, will the Lady of the House be giving her admirer a bit of oral attention?” I asked.

“I had thought of it.” she said smiling.

“Would you like me to leave or do you want to send me to my corner for your privacy?” I asked.

“Oh no dear, I want you to watch for a little while and then, perhaps, go out for a cigarette. I’m not planning on finishing him.”

I returned to the table and, while Hannah went to the powder room, asked our guest if he would be willing to have his cock sucked by my pretty wife. Now he really was shocked. But not to the point of saying no. I suggested he change seats to allow a bit of privacy and Hannah came back to our table.

I had my orders. We toasted the New Year and, knowing it better to get these things done with dispatch I said,

“So we would very much like this to be a really memorable New Year and Hannah has one more gift for you.”

Hannah knelt between her admirer’s legs and undid his trousers. She is a very gifted fellatiotrix and in a minute or two her head was bobbing happily up and down. Slowly. I knew that she would be using her tongue and soon her teeth; but, for the moment I could see her cheeks draw in as she kept the suction on his cock.

I went out for my cigarette. Hannah caught my eye as I left. All was well. I was, after all, a man in my position and if the woman I love wants to suck another man’s cock it is entirely her choice. She had made that fact very clear when she whipped me the day before.

On my return her pace had increased and our guest was looking very contented indeed.

Perhaps a bit too contented. Hannah had no intention of letting him come. As quickly as she began she stopped.

“Happy New Year” she said looking up at him. Then she turned and, still on her knees, said, “I would like some more champagne.”

I fetched it for her.

More in love than ever.

After Dinner

dominant wife, submissive husbandPart of how the Lady of the House likes to run our relationship is that we are deeply conventional from the perspective of the outside world. If people looked carefully they would realize that I defer to Hannah more than most husbands do; but they would never guess that my bottom bears the bruises of the last time I was foolish enough to question her authority. But it is not enough to obey, I have to accept the fact she makes the decisions and, more importantly, that she will punish me if I don’t. And part of that means facilitating and arranging her pleasure.

Last night Hannah was determined to give her gentleman a real treat. Seeing her in her sheer teddy and stockings was a start but my sense was that she wanted to do more. A whisper in the kitchen as we were clearing confirmed this and, as we sat with dessert and wine I turned to her and said, “Darling, I think our guest would like to see more of your pretty breasts…why don’t you drop your dress for him?”

“Yes Dear.” she said letting the straps fall and exposing the sheer half cups of her teddy.

Our guest was transfixed as Hannah and I chatted and her pretty pink nipples hardened under his gaze.

She was completely relaxed, nearly naked to the waist at her dining table, her loving husband offering her ripe breasts to their guest.

“I suspect, darling, that the dear man would very much like to touch your breasts. May he?” I asked knowing he would not have presumed.

“I would like him to very much if he wants to.” said Hannah leaning in a little and looking her gentleman straight in the eye.

He did not have to be asked twice and, in a moment he was touching and caressing my dear girls’ perfect breasts.

“And I am pretty certain he would like to kiss and suck them.”

“Go ahead.” said Hannah lifting her breast out of the tiny wisp of lace which barely concealed them.

Our guest enjoyed himself for a few minutes until I told him to stop and got up to serve the coffee. When I returned to the table Hannah had re-arranged her dress and sat demurely sipping her wine…the night was off to a grand start and she smiled at me. I suspected there was more to come.