dominant wife


“So Darling,” Hannah said sleepily from our bed as I stood in my corner for my morning mindfulness, “How was your little cock cage to sleep in.”

“Surprisingly comfortable.” I replied as it had been.

“What about erections?” asked Hannah.

“Well, my morning erection was a bit difficult but one thing which I noticed is that because my cock is protected it isn’t stimulated by my nightie or the sheets or my panties so I didn’t have as many little erections as I usually do.”

“And you can’t play with yourself in your corner as I know you used to. What about peeing?” Hannah asked.

“Not a problem if I sit down.”

“Good. I think it looks quite nice. Much neater than having your little cock flopping around. You may get my tea.”

Not a word about taking the cage off.

Locked in my Cock Cage

“Darling, can you come up here for a moment.” Hannah called down the stairs when I got home for lunch. I went up to our bedroom and on the bed found:

male chastity device, cock cage

my little black cock

“It finally arrived when you were out. Now it looks to me as if there are a lot of fiddly bits which you will have to attend to. Go to it. We’ll formally put your little cock away at cocktails but I’d like you to try the various ring sizes and so on this afternoon. Once you are as comfortable as you can be you may come downstairs, kneel and hand me the keys. I counted. There are three of them.” Hannah smiled, “I am so glad I got you the small. Your little cock will be able to squeeze in there but, once you are locked up I don’t think there will be any erections for you without my permission.”

With that Hannah left and I began to figure out how my little cock cage worked. It is, in fact, quite small and it was a bit difficult to push the head of my cock in. I started with a big ball ring but that is too large and I am on the middle ring.

I’ve only worn my cage for an hour and it is not uncomfortable. But I know it is there. It is locked in place.

Half an hour ago I knelt at Hannah’s feet and, silently, handed her all three keys.

“Perfect. Now back to work and you can tell me at cocktail hour how it’s feeling. Then we’ll give you your little tablet and see how well it controls your erections.”

Happy Place

pussy licking

Where I belong

“Darling”, said Hannah quietly as she put down her tablet, “I must say that reading even my own prose has left me more than a little moist. You can take your position.”

The Lady of the House lifted her nighty and I went straight to work, licking, sucking and caressing as she, gently at first and then with a food deal of force, pushed her sweet pussy to my tongue. It was not long before she began to sigh and then, pressing my face to her cunt, came beautifully.

“Now lick me nicely dry dear…no, we certainly won’t be needing that. Where can that cage be?”

Questions from Escorts – Done!

how to escort book

Escorts’ questions answered

“Well aren’t you the clever boy”, said Hannah as I brought her morning tea. “Here my panties and you can stand in your corner while I finish reading.”

Off I went and dropped my dressing gown and pressed the pretty lace into the corner with my nose. A lovely way to start the day. Hannah was propped up in our bed and I could hear her chuckling softly as she flipped through the pages of Questions for Miss Jay: An Escort’s Guide to Style, Dates and Fun.

“Done. And I must say you’ve done a good job. Of course the big book is going to take more time. But I like this one. Now you go and shower, get your girdle on and put up links on all that social media you keep on about. But first, come over here.”

So I did, and have.

This is a quirky sort of book. Hannah doing the research for her book on Escorting for Elegant Women talked to a lot of escorts who have, in turn, asked her all sorts of questions. From how to be a mistress – in the old sense of the word – to finding the right man to buy you your high heels. I think Hannah has a wonderful style and she writes with a real sense of fun. You can get Questions for Miss Jay:An Escort’s Guide to Style, Dates and Fun here.

Wonderfully Busy

a lady's vibrator

Starting the morning right

“Darling”, said Hannah in lovely, just woke up and I’m enjoying looking at you in your corner sort of voice, “After you get my tea I want you to get to work on those Kindle Books we discussed. The 50’s Fun book is too silly but people seem to like it.”

I could hear Hannah rustling in bed.

“So today I want you to finish off “Questions for Miss Jay” and that book of 50’s Men’s Magazine covers you seem so keen on. Though I can’t imagine why. You must have found some when you were growing up. In any case, get those two done and then get to work on Avails. I thought that link over at the book site about good girls getting escort training was great fun. Now fetch my vibrator and go and make tea. And rinse out those panties.”

I did as I was told and the vibrator was humming as I went downstairs to make my darling her tea. And now her Escorting Questions book and my hommage to the naughty magazines of the 50’s are being reviewed by Amazon.

A lovely way to spend a rainy morning.


submissive husband

Not right at this moment

Hannah and I are constantly amused and impressed at the lengths some of the couples we read about go to demonstrate the husband’s position in their female led marriages. Perhaps because we have been doing this for quite a long time we don’t seem to work quite that way.

There are constants. We have one sexuality, Hannah’s and my sexual urges are entirely subsumed to hers. I do what I am told. Backchat, sarcasm, and any hint of snark is corrected pretty much immediately whether with the cane or the corner. I am caned a minimum of twice a month to remind me of my position.

Perhaps the only real demonstration of my position which is out of the ordinary is when Hannah has a girlfriend over I am expected to serve and she may, to make her point, send me to my corner or to bed so she can enjoy girl time.

Now, I suppose from an objective perspective, the fact I am typing this in a relatively tight girdle, would be a significant demonstration of my subordinate position. And the fact I have not ejaculated for three weeks might suggest my position.

However, generally, Hannah exercises her feminine authority with a light, elegant touch. She is just not a whips and chains sort of girl.

Every couple organizes their marriage differently and this is no less true of female led marriages than the more vanilla kind. That Hannah chooses to use her power sparingly does not mean she can’t change her mind. From my perspective it is none of my business. She does what she sees fit. I do what I am told.

Works for us.

Maintenance Caning

dominant wife, submissive husband“Well, here you are.” said Hannah coming into our room. I was naked, kneeling on our bed, head down and arms over my head which is the position Hannah prefers if she is not tying my wrists. As this was a maintenance caning she probably would not tie me.

“I really have been a bit neglectful haven’t I. I don’t think you’ve been whipped since the beginning of the month. Probably because you have been so obedient about wearing your girdles. And Hasn’t that paid off? I know you still have a pound to go to reach your target, and I may decide you need to lose another few pounds, but I think this last month has been good for you. Plus, you have really been very good these last couple of weeks when I have teased your little cock. No whining, no pleading – I think you really do understand your position.”

“But, and this is important, I am not going to let you come until your little cock cage gets here. Then I’ll let you fill your cup and then lock you up for a little while. We’ll see how that goes. Ready?”

“Yes, Miss.”


Pretty much instantly six strokes of the light rattan cane cracked across my bottom. I vocalized on the last two.

“Excellent…now don’t move. I think that your maintenance has been too matter of fact when it happens at all. Now that Fall is here we can make sure your maintenance is memorable…Ready?”

“Yes Miss.” I said thinking that this was very different.

The cane sliced through the air and slashed my bottom six more times. I could feel the welts rising.

At last it was over. Hannah handed me a pair of her very moist panties.

“Much better. Now pull on your girdle and take these to your corner. I’ll call you when I am ready for cocktails.”

I did as I was told and the girdle, as Hannah knew it would set fire to the six crimson welts which overlay the six stripes. Where they had crossed I could even now see the bruises forming. I went to my corner and pushed my nose into the deeply scented gusset of Hannah’s pretty panties. In love.