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At Her Feet

dominant wife

A Man’s Place is at her Feet

Neither Hannah nor I have a particular thing about feet. I like her feet but I am not obsessed with them. At the same time, part of my duties are to keep her toenails trimmed and polished. She likes deep red and also likes to have a choice of reds.

My job, when she says “My toenails are looking a little worn.” is to get a nice towel, a little bit of paper towel and her nail polish and wait, kneeling, at my station. Sometimes I have to remover the old nail polish and start with a base coat, blow it dry, then – quickly and accurately – apply the colour layer, blow it dry, and then a top coat if we have time. Ten or fifteen minutes usually does the job.

Hannah, to enjoy the whole salon element usually reads a fashion magazine and entirely ignores me. It is a bit humiliating but lovely none the less.

[Hannah read this post and pointed out that I a) did not mention that my book "Cornertime" is free at Amazon until Friday, b) that for every comment left on this site this week I will be spending 5 minutes in my corner and for every review at Amazon I will have ten minutes of thankful meditation.]


dominant wife“Now Dear, I have to go out but, before I go I’m going to give you a good maintenance whipping. Now get those pants of and get on your knees and ask for your discipline.”

I instantly complied and, kneeling and looking up at my lovely wife said, “Darling, would you take the trouble to whip your loving husband. Just as hard and as long as you feel I need?”

“I certainly will. Just lie over the end of the bed and we can get started.”

I draped myself across the bed, tips of my toes touching the floor. The Lady of the House wasted no time and gave me a delicious and very firm hand warm up. Brisk strokes from side to side for a couple of minutes. “There we are, all nice and pink and ready for my pretty cane.”

Hannah’s cane whistled through the air and a line of fire slashed across my bottom. She paused, corrected her stance a bit and began to whip me in earnest. Not at all full force. I was not being punished, just reminded. But hard enough that I was vocalizing by the sixth stroke and flexing up on my tip toes until she, finally, stopped at twelve.

“Now darling, I know how much you hate it when I am not firm with you so, before you jerk your little cockette into your cup, I want you to really feel these.”

The only thing which changed was that Hannah now gave me six strokes swinging from her shoulder rather than her wrist. Still far from even half strength these last strokes raised a welt with each swing.

“Excellent. Here’s your cup. I don’t have all day to watch you jerk that little thing. Come on.” and as she said this her hand went up my shirt and, after flicking my nipple erect, Hannah dug her nails in to signal that I was to come. I was not even completely hard as I made my mess in the cup.

“Now drink it all up and lick the bottom. You really are very sweet. I’ve left my handwashing in its basket…I’ll be home for cocktails.” And with that my wonderful wife went out the door.


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After Dinner

dominant wife, submissive husbandPart of how the Lady of the House likes to run our relationship is that we are deeply conventional from the perspective of the outside world. If people looked carefully they would realize that I defer to Hannah more than most husbands do; but they would never guess that my bottom bears the bruises of the last time I was foolish enough to question her authority. But it is not enough to obey, I have to accept the fact she makes the decisions and, more importantly, that she will punish me if I don’t. And part of that means facilitating and arranging her pleasure.

Last night Hannah was determined to give her gentleman a real treat. Seeing her in her sheer teddy and stockings was a start but my sense was that she wanted to do more. A whisper in the kitchen as we were clearing confirmed this and, as we sat with dessert and wine I turned to her and said, “Darling, I think our guest would like to see more of your pretty breasts…why don’t you drop your dress for him?”

“Yes Dear.” she said letting the straps fall and exposing the sheer half cups of her teddy.

Our guest was transfixed as Hannah and I chatted and her pretty pink nipples hardened under his gaze.

She was completely relaxed, nearly naked to the waist at her dining table, her loving husband offering her ripe breasts to their guest.

“I suspect, darling, that the dear man would very much like to touch your breasts. May he?” I asked knowing he would not have presumed.

“I would like him to very much if he wants to.” said Hannah leaning in a little and looking her gentleman straight in the eye.

He did not have to be asked twice and, in a moment he was touching and caressing my dear girls’ perfect breasts.

“And I am pretty certain he would like to kiss and suck them.”

“Go ahead.” said Hannah lifting her breast out of the tiny wisp of lace which barely concealed them.

Our guest enjoyed himself for a few minutes until I told him to stop and got up to serve the coffee. When I returned to the table Hannah had re-arranged her dress and sat demurely sipping her wine…the night was off to a grand start and she smiled at me. I suspected there was more to come.


I am sent to my corner for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is simply for reflection and obedience, other times it is a prelude to more serious punishment and sometimes it is a punishment in itself.

Which brings up the interesting question of how severe a punishment. Canings come in grades from light to severe as do bathbrushings and the like. So, a poll….

Keeping Track

dominant wife, cbt

“Darling” said the Lady of the House rather languidly as she lay in bed, “I have the most wonderful idea. You know how much I like seeing your pretty little cock rings.”

“Yes dear.” I said wondering what Hannah had in mind.

“Well dear, we have about a dozen of them. All the same diameter. Fortunately pretty small for your tiny cock. Well, I think we should put one on each day you do not come. So, come here.” she said motioning to her side of the bed.

“You were very good last night. You licked me just the way I like and, when I decided to let you give me greater pleasure, you were very obedient and took your instructions well. I know I could have told you to stop and you would have. But I didn’t and you came. So today is day 1: hold out that pretty little cock for my ring.”

Hannah had a little trouble getting the ring over my cockhead as I was swelling with excitement. But she managed as she always does.

“There you are darling. Now I will be able to see at a glance how long you have been chaste. Of course, a dozen rings is probably not enough…But it is a start. Now off you go.”

The second ring went on this morning…

Ladies Visiting

After the cancellation earlier this week Hannah was more than a little skeptical as to Simone’s visit. “Why would a young girl want to risk joining people she does not know?” Of course I took a certain amount of good natured teasing about my exhibitionistic nature – perhaps well deserved.

However, the night before the appointed day I had made a rather major error believing that Hannah had told me to paint some walls when she had said, or at least thought she had said, just the opposite. And I used the wrong paint. Which lead to out gassing, Hannah having a sore throat and a headache and my being in trouble. The smell abated but I was definitely in line for punishment. (more…)

Two Ladies – Anticipation

obedient husband

“I think it might be nice if you found another lady who might visit and watch.” said Hannah a couple of weeks ago. “Nothing complicated, just cocktails and, if we can manage it a bit of corner time and a whipping.”

So off to Craigslist I went…where else? Here’s the ad,

An Elegant, Disciplined, Evening

Fall, a glorious, sunny, fall is here at last. Summer dresses are lovely, but now it’s time to put a bit more structure into life.

I am a casually dominant wife with a wonderfully submissive husband. We enjoy good wine, great conversation, retro clothing and the company of discerning women. I am very discrete and he does what he is told – always.

Once in a while I like to put him through his paces in the company of an intriguing woman. I think it is good for him to show that he knows his place in public – or at least with another woman present. A lovely opportunity to wear a pretty dress and be pampered.

This is not really about sex. He is kept chaste unless I particularly have a use for that part of him. Teased hard and denied often. It keeps him on his toes.

Instead it is about two women spending an elegant hour or two getting to know one another while they are served by my husband. If there is a reason (and there almost always is), and the circumstances are right, I might dispatch him to his corner and you might watch me whip him. Very much depends on mood.

If this sounds interesting send me a note and we’ll take it from there.

We received three or four replies but, I fear, a large “flake factor” was at work.

But, delightfully, one young lady understood completely. Ladies visiting, served by an obedient man. We’ll see what happens.

Update: Indisposed…sigh. But we have rescheduled for Friday. The Lady of the House was not in the least put off. “We shall make our own fun…get me your clips.” I did and teased up my nipples so she could get the teeth set right. Over an hour in the clips which had begun to really dig after twenty minutes.

Hannah had me wear panties and a very tight girdle and, after dinner, “My girdle was, in fact, killing me.” Hannah graciously allowed me to change but, as I was standing pantyless, came into the room. “Get in postion.”

She bound wrists to ankles and caned, fairly lightly, for a couple of dozen strokes. “So much for maintenance, stand up.” she said undoing the belt. “Hands on your knees. Now, you contradicted me last night. You were rude, loud and saucy. So now you get eight real strikes.”


Short and Sharp

I was just waking up. The house was quiet. Hannah was dressing and, delightfully, letting me see all that I am not allowed to touch. “Now, your spanking and we’re off.”

I had been snippy a day or two ago and Hannah had said, “Well you certainly need a good whipping but I don’t have time right now.” I hadĀ apologizedĀ and nothing more had come of it. I thought she had forgotten.

As she zipped up her skirt it was apparent she hadn’t. “Into position.”

I immediately obeyed and stripped of my underwear I knelt on the edge of the bed, face down, bottom up. I could hear Hannah rustling in the closet where she keeps her canes. But that stopped and she walked to our bathroom.

“Much better. We don’t have much time.” She smacked my bottom a few times with her hand. “You should know better than to be snippy to the lady of the house.”

“Yes ma’am”.

“Well this will remind you.”

The first smack of the bath brush reminded me just how much I prefer almost any other implement. A second, more forceful shot suggested that Hannah had her range. Now all I could do was try to say still as I was taught my lesson.

I quickly lost count of the strokes. Hannah was putting her firm force into each and it was all I could do to remain in position. She had not restrained me. But I knew if I moved, gave into my urge to crawl away, she would just start over.

The bath brush is quite heavy and while there is a slap as it connects, the real sting goes much deeper. Especially, when, as she did this morning, the lady of the house concentrates her strokes on a rosy spot on each cheek. I was squirming and very close to tears when she finally thought I had been properly reminded of my manners.

“Now, get dressed and make sure you put your paddling in your punishment book. I was checking and you have been a bit lazy there.”

“Thank you darling. I will.”

I stood up. Hannah came very close and took my semi erect cock in her hand. She stroked it lightly and with her other hand flicked my nipples. “It is so much better when you are obedient and respectful isn’t it.”

“Yes darling.”

“Well, I certainly don’t have time to do anything about your little cock right now; but perhaps this afternoon you can have some corner time and then give me my pleasure.”

I was stiff with excitement. “Yes, darling.”

“Get dressed, make the beds and we’ll get going.”




The lady of the house is coming on heat – which is wonderful for her and sometimes for me. Last night I heard the happy words “Wash your hands” as I turned out my light. I hastened to comply and when I got back to bed Hannah made it clear my position was head between her pretty thighs, mouth wide open, tounge to work.

After a few minutes she decided to take matters into her own hands. “You watch and make sure you are hard when I am done.” This was not at all difficult to achieve. Hannah knows just how to touch herself and, in a very few minutes came beautifully.

“Now darling.” I slide into Hannah and, after a few strokes she began to rub and flick my nipples. I was very close and I was just longing for the sharp pinch which was permission to come.

It never came. Instead Hannah push down on my hips which is her very clear signal I am to withdraw. So I did.

“Thank you my darling. That was just perfect.” She rolled on her side and, in a moment or two was fast asleep.

It took me a little longer.

When the Maid’s Away…

lingerie, obedient husband“Darling, rinse out my lingerie.” said Hannah on her way out. “That will get you in the mood.”

“Yes Dear.” The mood for what I wondered with a little smile.

Our maid is on a somewhat extended leave. Which means I am back to polishing Hannah’s boots and handwashing her intimates. Both of which remind me of my position.