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Mindfulness Humiliation

I have a few minutes before I have to go and put the Lady of the House’s kettle on. I can see Hannah’s pretty white lace panties from yesterday sitting on her dressing room chair.

When I have put her kettle on I am now required to spend the time it takes the kettle to boil pressing the cotton gusset of my darling’s panties into my corner with my nose. Naked.

This is not punishment, just a regular, humiliating, reminder of my position. It is not every day, the Lady of the House likes to vary our routines. But it is turning out to be several days a week.

When the kettle boils I put on my robe, make her tea, and as it steeps hand wash the day’s panties and any other lingerie Hannah has left for me.

It is a wonderfully mindful way to start my day’s submission to my wife.

Not that much Later

dominant wifeIf you had read Hannah’s post earlier today you could be forgiven for thinking my maintenance whipping had been postponed. I certainly did.

“Just time for a quick and quiet whipping dear. Take your position.”

A few warm up strokes with her hand and then that nasty little acrylic went to work.

Generally, a maintenance whipping leaves very few marks. Hannah does not strike hard but she does not waste any time. In a matter of less than a minute she had delivered a dozen swift strokes.

“There we are. You’ll remember your position all the better now.” she said as she left the room.

I am, as I write too often, a very lucky man.

“Go to your Corner”

husband sent to corner, whipped husband, punished husband, dominant wifeA man in my position spends a surprising amount of time naked, pressing his nose into the deliciously scented cotton gusset of his pretty wife’s soiled panties.

Cornertime is a quick and effective punishment for the little lapses which need to be corrected but don’t call for a whipping.

I have collected a few of my reflections on being sent to my corner in an ebook called, to no one’s very great surprise, “Cornertime”. Starting tonight, March 18, it will be free to download at Amazon…here.

An Evening

dominant wifeThe doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

Hannah had been quite clear. She was having a Miss Black for a glass of bubbly wine and, perhaps, if they got along she might put me through my submissive husband paces. But, at the very least, I was to serve and be silent.

“And Darling, I will want you dressed appropriately. I’ve left a few things in my sewing room. Get dressed and then you can go downstairs and prepare a few hors d’oeuves.”

Appropriate dress turned out to be a very tight high waisted, side zipping open bottomed girdle in white, quite thick stockings in taupe, a white underwired A-cup front closing bra, pair of beautifully pleated, thin, light cream coloured palazzo pants, a plain white blouse and a pair of cream peep toe mules. Plus Hannah had left three other items and a pretty note.


I know how much you are looking forward to serving this evening. I hope you like your outfit.

You know what to do with the lipstick and mascara. Just a hint of each.

And you know what to do with our lovely stainless steel intruder. I’m afraid you should use the lube sparingly as you’ll be holding it in for the evening and you’ll note I’ve not put out any panties. If it drops I will be very cross. Make sure you put the big end in.


Hannah (more…)

After Coffee

blow job, dominant wifeI cleared away the coffee cups and we opened the New Year’s champagne. Hannah has a special affection for champagne as it reminds her of her mildly naughty youth when she was delighted to be given the gift of champagne. I had had another word with her in the kitchen.

“So, will the Lady of the House be giving her admirer a bit of oral attention?” I asked.

“I had thought of it.” she said smiling.

“Would you like me to leave or do you want to send me to my corner for your privacy?” I asked.

“Oh no dear, I want you to watch for a little while and then, perhaps, go out for a cigarette. I’m not planning on finishing him.”

I returned to the table and, while Hannah went to the powder room, asked our guest if he would be willing to have his cock sucked by my pretty wife. Now he really was shocked. But not to the point of saying no. I suggested he change seats to allow a bit of privacy and Hannah came back to our table.

I had my orders. We toasted the New Year and, knowing it better to get these things done with dispatch I said,

“So we would very much like this to be a really memorable New Year and Hannah has one more gift for you.”

Hannah knelt between her admirer’s legs and undid his trousers. She is a very gifted fellatiotrix and in a minute or two her head was bobbing happily up and down. Slowly. I knew that she would be using her tongue and soon her teeth; but, for the moment I could see her cheeks draw in as she kept the suction on his cock.

I went out for my cigarette. Hannah caught my eye as I left. All was well. I was, after all, a man in my position and if the woman I love wants to suck another man’s cock it is entirely her choice. She had made that fact very clear when she whipped me the day before.

On my return her pace had increased and our guest was looking very contented indeed.

Perhaps a bit too contented. Hannah had no intention of letting him come. As quickly as she began she stopped.

“Happy New Year” she said looking up at him. Then she turned and, still on her knees, said, “I would like some more champagne.”

I fetched it for her.

More in love than ever.


dominant wifeIt has been clear to me for a couple of weeks that the Lady of the House has been intrigued with her sweet older man. But, being kind and faithful, she was not doing anything about it.

As it happens I have no problem if she wants to show off her beautiful body or if she wants to pay the man the compliment of a blow job. Not that I have any right to an opinion but there it is. A submissive husband should live for the pleasure of his wife and I do.

However there were two things which needed to be clear before our New Years dinner: Hannah had to believe I would be fine with her showing herself off and, perhaps, more. And her gentleman caller had to know Hannah, so long as she was in charge, was open to a certain amount of hanky panky and that I was complicit. I did not think he needed to know that I had long ago given up any say in the matter. He is an older, very old school gentleman and I suspected would like to think I was “sharing” my wife’s favours rather than facilitating her gift of herself which would have been made with or without my approval.

Hannah dressed beautifully in a simple black Ralph Lauren dress, stockings, pretty black high heels, scarlet nail and deep red lipstick. I had spoken with her gentleman earlier and made it clear that whatever took place in the course of dinner had my blessing. What a great dinner. Prime rib. As she dressed I took care of setting the table and preparing the presentation of the meal. When the first course was finished I caught Hannah’s eye. She had been lightly flirting with her gentleman and with me. I suspect she might have continued all night but her pretty, sheer black lingerie was begging to be seen.

Now here is where a female led relationship shows its value. Hannah had told me she, at a minimum, wanted her gentleman to see her body. But she is far too much of a lady to even think of taking the iniative. That is what a man in my position is there to do.

“Darling, I think our guest would enjoy seeing your lovely lingerie.” I said. She hesitated for a second looking at me. I nodded and said, “Dress”

I was taking a step into unfamiliar, territory. It was important for me to appear to be in charge. Hannah slipped the shoulders of her dress down to reveal the sheer top of her pretty lingerie and her wonderfully erect nipples. Her gentleman was surprised, if not shocked. I let him feast his eyes and then, a few minutes later suggested Hannah stand up and take her dress right off. She smiled at me, stood up and whisked the dress away. She stood in the candle light in her heels, black stayups and a sheer one piece “body”.

She really is very beautiful and, while ordinarily very modest, able to rise to the occasion of being displayed by her husband. She put her dress back on and I served coffee and a bit more champagne. “Darling, I think your guest would like to see your breasts again…lower your dress.” Hannah enjoyed being told to do what she would have done in any event. And I liked being able to create a safe, beautiful, space where my lovely wife could be seen to advantage…but I also knew that Hannah wanted to be more than shown off. How much more we would find out.

Whipped and Used

submissive husband, caned husbandHannah was more than a little cross with me for being needlessly jealous and, worse, daring to criticize her behaviour. I knew I would be whipped and I was.

But, after my poor bottom was well welted – 18 strokes is a serious punishment – the Lady of the House was kind enough to sit right down on my face and let me lick her perfect pussy until she came. I was wonderfully covered in her sweet nectar.

She writes about it in detail at her blog A Dominant Wife

A magic wand

dominant wife, whipped husband“Darling, I’ve been neglecting your maintenance whippings….come to the bedroom for a minute.”

When the lady of the house says that and she has the vicious plastic blind wand she has taken to using for my punishments I know better than to dawdle. I went to our bedroom, undid my trousers and took my position bent across our bed.

Hannah lost no time. Half a dozen warm up spanks on each side of my bottom and then, “I think six medium strokes should set up your week.”

The blind wand is 36 inches long and made of a heavy acrylic plastic moulded in to a hexagon so that there is a little edge. It is 3/8s of an inch thick and, with only a little force, leaves a light welt with each stroke. Hannah had a busy day and was wasting no time on sublty.

At the third stroke I was on my toes and I vocalized a little on the last three.

“All done. You have hand washing to do in the bathroom. I do like this wand.

(You can get a wand of your own at Amazon using this link or at any local blind store.)

She left me panting on the bed.

Christmas is Coming!

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Have you been naughty

So Hannah decided to put up a few items at her Dominant Wife blog. Well, actually, she is picking the items and I am putting them up.

Just as it should be.

So far we have:

Dominant Wife’s Supplies


Punishment Garments

Amazing what you can find on Amazon!

Hannah is still looking at canes, a few naughty books and all sorts of other bits of fun…

The Great Game

dominant wife, tease and denial

Just a little while longer…

The Lady of the House has put out my panti girdle. We are closing in on a full month of no ejaculation and, frankly, I am so filled with longing I might just not be able to resist. But she’s thought of that.

“So Darling, this week you’ll be wearing your nice firm control panties during the day. And then, after you shower for bed you’ll have to have your pantigirdle on under your nightie. Don’t worry, it is only for a few nights.” and then she smiled, “Or maybe we should wait until you are all dressed up for Halloween. It would only be another few days.”

“Yes dear, whatever you decide.”

Hannah likes to really have fun with me on Halloween. Too much fun.

“Well, I’ll think about it today when you are working and I’ll give you my decision tonight over cocktails. We might want to ice that little cockette again tonight. We’ll see.” And with that she kissed me and I was off to work.