Teased, Denied, Whipped….Perfect

pussy whipped


I have been very good the last couple of days. Spending time on the housework. Doing a nice job of the vacuuming and laundry. Smoking only 8 of my allowed 10 cigarettes yesterday. Last night I went to bed with Hannah hard and very loving.

This morning I woke up even harder. A man in my position knows that his desire is irrelevant. But, optimistically, I asked Hannah for permission to touch her a little for her morning pleasure. She sleepily assented and I got to work. A bit further along I asked if I might substitute my tongue for my hand and sweetness soon flooded my lips. I am trying to become really very good at this sort of thing. However, there is nothing I find more exciting than lying between Hannah’s thighs giving ice cream licks and reveling in my position. However, old habits die hard and, cock aflame, I decided to jump the fence. The delicious pull of my sweet Hannah was too much and, in seconds, I had forgotten my position and slipped into her. A few strokes and it seemed audacity would triumph.

Wonderfully, Hannah stopped me and had me withdraw. “I think I’ll come first” she said with a perfect edge to her pretty voice. I lay beside her and gave her all the pleasure I knew how.

Often, when Hannah is satisfied, she likes to have me fill her. I knew it was a day for a Maintenance whipping but, as I lay beside her stroking her and whispering to her, I hoped I might, despite my over eagerness, be allowed relief.

Hannah reached completion and, well, rolled away from me. She was done. I was not to break my chastity.

She recovered as I caressed her and then she walked across to the closet where the canes are kept. I took my position. No warm up hand spanking. The cane came down lightly at first and then with a striping swing. Not unbearably hard but with enough force to bring up the parallel red lines I wear so proudly. I was a man enthralled.

Later I cleaned our cocktail table and ironed her green linen skirt. Chaste and chastened, I adore Hannah.

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