Two Alphas

submissive man waits on his wife


Hannah and I are both essentially alphas. Can there be alpha females? Yes. It is relatively rare but it can happen.

The trouble with two alphas is that both cannot lead but both have the capacity and the desire to lead. For years, Hannah assumed the submissive role. But she hated it. In fact, because I am in the work world every day and forced to make decisions, my alpha energy is nicely channeled towards making my business a success. When Hannah was submissive, at the end of my day, I still had to make decisions about her. That went on for a decade and, while we were delighted in each other’s company, the alpha/alpha mix was not quite right. Plus, and to be entirely fair, Hannah never liked receiving the necessary discipline.

We switched a year and a half ago but that did not quite work either because Hannah is not a conventional “mistress/domme” and I have no desire to be a “slave”. So that initial foray was abandoned but I realized that while the roles were not exactly right, they were closer to what I was looking for. And, I think, Hannah rather enjoyed her taste of power.

So we have edged back toward a rather elegant, understated, world in which I am the servant/lover of the very elegant lady of the house. Hannah is beautiful, nicely demanding and able to give an order without anyone, except me, knowing she has. Part of my duties is to be her maid, taking care of her clothes, making her bed; part is being her servant in the sense of serving her wine or a bit of cheese, doing laundry, wielding the vacuum; part is being her ardent, but always obedient, lover. We work these roles out as we go along.

The one certainty being that I accept and welcome Hannah’s discipline and acknowledge that I have no right to discipline or even talk back to her. While I miss my own erotic joy in spanking her, it is a loss more than made up for by the profound enjoyment we each derive from my position – and hers.


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