The Lady is Back

stockings, flr, submissive husband

a lady's hose

We had lost the thread a little. Nothing huge, but the combination of busy lives, a bit of a cash flow crisis and other distractions meant that Hannah was a bit uninterested in keeping me in my position.

In fact, last weekend I failed to do my chores and, during the week neither of us felt much like extending our lives; we were too focused on the day to day.

I had been chaste for nearly two weeks when, yesterday Hannah brought my cup. The pressure was intense but the relief of filling the little iron sake cup as Hannah urged me one, her nails deliciously digging into my little nipples as I stroked myself to completion, was wonderful. We were beginning to reach out to each other.

This morning I was whipped. A lovely warm up hand spanking and then the cane for at least twenty strokes. Some were quite intense. There was no confession. Hannah knew I needed to slip back into my place. And then, to my utter delight, Hannah allowed me a brief but beautiful moment of intimate submission.

As I shaved and showed, I realized that I had profoundly missed serving Hannah. The distractions of the world are many. They come at us without respite. Our love, my position, Hannah’s role as the lady of the house, should never be allowed to slip. In fact, retrospectively, I am sure I would have been far more able to drive through the day to day had I been taken firmly in hand regularly. Now, with my well whipped bottom sending gentle reminders from my hard wood chair, I have regained my focus.

This is still very new for us both. The constancy and the certainty which a man in my position craves is not yet a simple habit of mind for Hannah. I hope it will be so very soon. My attention is hers to command with her attention and expectation; nothing should interfere with my devotion and deep love for the lady of the house. And, I suspect, nothing will.

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  1. I totally understand and relate to the sense of a loss of balance when the day-to-day takes control of me and my wife and we slip away from what keeps us alive.

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