When you only have a minute

whip Our Sundays are always busy.

However, Hannah, had a few minutes early. I took my position and we experimented with binding my wrists to my calves with a simple belt…it will need a couple of new holes and as I wear it daily, will further remind me of my position.

Being bound to be whipped somehow intensifies the experience.

Hannah swung the cane with panache. Lots of lovely red strips but not welting. We must work on welting. But my bottom is deliciously tender on my hard wooden desk chair.

I am thinking of writing a short “Ladies Guide to Caning”. I will have to ask Hannah for permission and, of course, for her insights. I only know the cane from its strokes on my bottom and thighs. I am sure Hannah will have her own views as to how best to discharge her duties as the lady of the house and ensure that I remember my position.

Which is easy to forget. Just a few minutes ago she told me to take the dog for a walk. I put her off. But on reflection realized she had not “asked” she had told me…the dog is walked.

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