A Ladies’ Guide to Caning

When it comes to stimulating, correcting or punishing a man in my position nothing really beats a cane.
The cane’s versatility and ease of use is unrivaled. It is the implement for all occasions.

The fact is that a lady’s hand, or even her hairbrush, rarely can have enough impact to produce the desired results. And while the slightly longer handle of a bath brush or paddle can add intensity, these are wide area instruments and the slap of wood on flesh will reverberate through even the largest house. Standard riding crops are really rather noisy toys. Too short to really provide the result a lady requires.

A dressage crop is certainly on the lady of the house’s wish list – perhaps for Valentines Day – and excellent results have been reported by ladies who have practiced a bit with a good single tail whip. But, for Hannah, the cane in its many variants has been a revelation.

Canes are the simplest of implements: essentially a thin, flexible bit of bamboo or rattan. Hannah has not used the willow or peach switch, as yet; but spring is around the corner and we live near an old orchard and willows abound.

The brilliance of the cane rests in its physics. First, most canes are relatively thin. A quarter inch in diameter at most. And they are light. Easy in a lady’s hand.

The cane’s bite comes from the combination of the speed it can attain as it is swung and the very small impact area. Where twenty fairly firm strokes of a bath brush will have begun to bruise the entire bottom, twenty similar strokes of a cane will leave plenty of virgin striking area for a skillful lady. And, unlike a bath brush, the lady’s arm will be entirely fresh to complete her duty.

At full force a cane can be a terrible scourge. A dozen of the best will leave a man in my position welted and whimpering. And in no doubt as to who he must look to for guidance and permission. Of course it is exceeding rare that a lady will have to punish with such severity. From time to time she might enjoy giving a man in my position just such an intense workout as a none too subtle reminder of his submission. But that is rarely necessary.

More often measured, stimulative sessions or more serious corrections are required. Just as the cane can inflict almost limitless pain, it can also be precisely controlled to ensure that the pain is as required in the instant.

Some ladies are afraid of the cane. They are kind hearted and very much in love with the man they whip. A cane, properly used, will leave livid red lines on even a slightly vigorous application. Surely, the lady will think, the poor man can only endure this a short time. And so they stop. Right at the point where the cane is doing its best work.

Here is the great secret of whipping the man you love: it only begins to reach whippings’ goal of complete capitulation when the man you love is squirming and vocalizing uncontrollably. And this is true whether you are whipping him for stimulation, correction or punishment. Until that plateau has been reached a man in my position is still longing to be possessed, utterly undone, overcome. Which is the very point of a whipping in the first place. Once upon that plateau, when sensation has turned to endurance and devotion, a man should know that the lady of the house will continue to whip him until she is certain her ends have been reached.

For stimulation a half dozen or dozen strokes beyond the plateau are usually ample. For correction a full dozen with, perhaps, cross strokes would be a bare minimum but two or three dozen will drive the message home. As to punishment, wait until the tears in earnest begin and then continue.

Ladies will, of course, have their own favoured positions for their gentlemen to assume when they are to be whipped. Lying on the bed with a couple of pillows beneath your hips is easy. But it means that the lady must swish the strokes downwards. This reduces her control and can be tiring. It also reduces the striking area and leaves the skin slack. Plus, and for stimulative and correction whippings this may be important, it protects the gentleman’s cock and balls where as the lady may very well want her strokes to include those areas. Finally, lying down does not expose the upper thighs in any convenient manner. For all but the most severe strokes, the thighs are ideal and will produce the necessary intensity a good deal more quickly.

A better alternative – where the whipping is to be administered in or on the bed – is for a man in my position to kneel and then place a pillow beneath his abdomen and send his arms directly back to grasp his ankles. This raises his bottom to the lady’s waist height which allows the more natural forehand tennis stroke to bring the cane to the tautly stretched bottom and upper thighs. A man in my position may be instructed to push his cock and balls into harm’s way or the lady, on certain occasions, may arrange this to her own satisfaction. The effect of a stroke which involves these very tender areas is electric.

For the moment I will stay with the two bed positions but one other matter should be considered: should a lady bind a man in my position. Now, the fact is that a well trained man will stay in his assigned position without having to be tied for all but the harshest whippings. It is a matter of honour and respect for the lady wielding the cane. However, where the lady is skilled and knows to continue the whipping on the plateau until her goal has been accomplished, the psychological effect of bound helplessness can be profound. The only choice the man has made is to assume his position. From there he is entirely at the will and the informed mercy of the lady of the house.

In the kneeling position binding the gentleman’s wrists to his ankles can be easily accomplished with old silk scarves, a pair of run nylons or, for quickness, a man in my position’s own belt, with a couple of strategically bored holes, can truss him tight. And I emphasize “tight”; to be helpless is different from deciding not to work free. The choice is gone.

A proper caning may be proceeded with a warm up hand spanking or a warming with a hair or bath brush. A man in my position is always grateful for the “little” pain before the serious work is begun.

The early strokes with the cane are largely for aim and to march the man up the foothills of sensation towards the proper plateau. Sets of strokes, a rapid fire six, a striping dozen, will quickly and very effectively bring a man in my position to the place where his real training and learning can begin. Again, it cannot be too strongly put that the real effect of the cane is not apparent until its subject has ceased to be in any sort of control. If he is lifting his bottom to meet your strokes you are not there yet. However if he is simply absorbing your strokes you are not there yet either. It is only when he flinches, clenches and begins to vocalize that a lady will be able to use her pretty cane to instruct, stimulate and punish.

Which is pure joy for a man in my position.


  1. When my girlfriend canes me, she will usually start with me standing bent forward over a table and that seems to make it extra painful because it is stretching the tissue of the buttocks. When it starts to be hard to accept it in that position, she allows me to steady myself on the table but being semi-upright, in that position t is easier to handle the severe sting of her thin canes. For a really long caning, I can then lie on the table which is high enough to make it easy for her to whack me without needing to lean forward. If she wants to make it really intense, she will make me kneel on the table for 6 or 10 strokes and then go back to lying flat. My last caning was a little over a week ago, and it no longer hurts but the marks and welts are not yet completely gone. So, it may be several days before I am again privileged to accept her discipline!

  2. I need a regular caning and prefer a lady mistress to a master as they stand no nonsense and really make receipt of each cane stroke a real painful lesson. If there are are any ladies who need to practice there caning precision I very much available to meet submissively their instructions to receive a thorough caning. Kres@post.com

  3. I heard a writer on the radio stating that he went to a boarding school where, if any boy misbehaved, he would be taken out of the dormitory late at night in his pyjamas, and given six strokes of the cane from the Headmaster! He said it stood him in great stead in his writing career when he grew up! I think I’d prefer to have had a Headmistress myself, to have done the same punishment!

  4. I have been caned about every two or three months since I got married. My wife has always been the dominant partner but for about the last 4 years she has had a male friend of hers come to cane me. I never get less than 36 strokes and the most I have had is 120 which left me so badly bruised I literally could not sit down for about 4 days. Even after 36 I normally have a few strike lines that bleed a bit. It may sound strange to some folks but I genuinely like the pain and it has made our marriage a lot more secure and we are very very intimate. Spanking/caning is a joy to us and pain and pleasure are so closely linked

  5. Still like to have school replay especially if there was a class involved with a strict mistress able to use a cane to best benefit of the recipient. Last occasion I received 42 strokes and was disappointed it wasn`t 50 strokes. Wish there were some like minded for real H M office visits schedules of punishment..

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