I embrace my desire to come and will happily take whatever she gives me whenever that happens. In fact, I’ve kind of flipped around in that I want to come, and will tell her so, with a genuine hope that she’ll let me. I admit that there’s still a desire inside me to be denied by her for a very long time, but it’s driven by my need to demonstrate to her that I’ll endure whatever it is she asks me to. And even though I want to come badly most of the time, I still get a bigger thrill from her saying no. In essence, I’ve allowed myself to arrive at a place where I win either way. denying thumper

Denying Thumper has been kind enough to link to this little blog. Which is a huge compliment because back when the lady of the house and I were trying to figure all this out, I would read his wonderful chastity blog.

Unlike Thumper I am not locked down. But Hannah has complete control over when and if I come.

Which is as it should be and very much what I desire.

Hannah balances my desire to come against her own desires. Hers win. However, from time to time she will supervise (and ruthlessly pinch my nipples) as I fill my saki cup. It is always at her option and I can and do go for a couple of weeks at a time without any relief. It is difficult but it is very much as Thumper puts it, a demonstration of my willingness to submit.

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