Back in Position

gentleman whippedWe went through a bit of a dry spell. The lady of the house was out of sorts and I am afraid I neglected many of my self imposed duties. Today all that changed.

Hannah was waiting for me when I came out of my shower. Very few words. Just a motion with her cane for me to take my position. She used my belt to wrap my wrists to my ankles. Lifted my dressing gown and began to warm me up with her hand. “You have been ignoring your discipline” she said, her hand punctuating her words. “And that is going to stop.”

Hand switched to cane. Nothing light or gentle. She began halfway and, as she gained her aim, lay slash after slash across my bottom and down my thighs. I was shaking and near tears when she stopped and then, thought the better of it and gave me three or four more strokes. Only the moment’s pause prevented me from crying.

At last it was over. She unbuckled my belt. I rose, shaking from the bed and knelt before my sweet lady of the house.

Back in my position.


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