Maintaining a perfect life

The lady of the house’s corsets arrived a day or two ago. My duties as her maid mean that I will be lacing her in regularly. Only for a few hours to begin – corsets, even custom corsets, take some breaking in. Fitting the corset on is a wonderfully intimate experience. Her brocaded formal corset is cupped and Hannah wears nothing underneath save pretty panties. So I am face to face with her gorgeous nipples and, I fear, I cannot resist temptation and will steal a kiss.

Yesterday, Hannah was waiting for me after lunch. Delightfully she had bathed and I brought her flowered cotton wrapper as she dried herself. A mid-day bath usually means that I will be giving her my full oral attention and so it was. She made herself comfortable on our bed and, silently, gestured for me to begin my delicious work. There is something magical and mystical about slipping my tongue between her perfect nether lips. Little flicks my tongue to warm up but the big ice cream slurps as she moistens. I am, she says, getting better with practice. And I love to practice.

Eventually she wanted my hand. And then, her own hand as I lay and watched her reach her peak. Hannah often likes me in her almost immediately after she comes, “For my greater pleasure”. I was not hard but a few pulls on my cock and I slipped into her. Strokes. Perhaps a dozen. “You’re done now” said Hannah. Her greater pleasure had been achieved. I slid out. Throbbing, content, chaste.

Cocktails were lovely. I was on a perfect edge and Hannah was content.

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