prostate milking

I'll just slide this in...

I write this with the milking vibrator firmly in place up my backdoor, nicely lubricated by my own hand. Hannah thought it would be interesting to see if ten or fifteen minutes where I am just left on my own will be sufficient to milk me. She has a lovely way of being matter of fact. I lubed myself and, when Hannah had finished a number of things which were more pressing, she spread my bottom and, just gently enough, drove the vibe home. “See you in ten minutes.”

(A bit later) I lay on my side, first typing the above and then gently contracting and releasing my bottom. Ten minutes later, the lady of the house popped in. “How are you doing?” I replied I was getting closer. “Then I’ll leave you to it. Remember to clean everything up when you’re done.” That lovely sense of complete submission and Hannah’s wonderfully matter of course instruction. A minute or two later I began to feel a deep urgency. It was not an orgasm in the sense of reaching a climax; rather it was a buildup similar to when you are filling a glass of water and it overflows. I made my mess in the toilet paper Hannah had tossed to me as she left me. No spurting, just a delicious leak. I lay quietly as I was drained. Wonderful pleasure but not the sexual peak of either masturbation or pleasuring the lady of the house.

The question is, of course, whether that absence of sexual peak will leave me drained but attentive.

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