Punished and Taken

bathbrush spanking

I do not like the bath brush. I do not like it one little bit. And when I laid it out beside Hannah’s cane and my black leather belt I knew I would be seriously punished. And I was.

I had to wait. Which was painful in itself as the implements of my correction were at the end of the bed waiting as well. Eventually Hannah arrived. She didn’t scold or lecture. She just said, “You can take your position.” Which I did and I felt my belt lash my wrists to my ankles.

Hannah’s warm up hand spanking was hard. But not nearly so hard as the bath brushing which followed. The bath brush is all about impact over a wide area and Hannah timed her strokes so that there was little chance of recovery. By the time she switched sides I was vocalizing and very near tears. I was absolutely certain that that next beer had not been worth it. Eventually, perhaps as her arm tired, Hannah stopped. My bottom was throbbing but I knew that the cane would be next.

Hannah let me catch my breath.

Then eighteen strokes – I think – with her forehand and eighteen from her backhand. A brief pause in between. I was deep into my position. Focussed on my love for the woman who was so beautifully whipping me. Then, at last, it was over. I felt her undo my belt. I sagged and began to recover myself.

“Lie across the pillow.” I heard but did not quite believe, “I’m not quite done. I need six pretty welts.” I stretched out, naked, for her strokes. She tapped the cane judging the distance and then brought it down, six times, quickly, hard, precisely. Six lines, spaced 3/4 of an inch apart. Welting up as I lay there.

It was done. I was corrected and then some. I lay on my side panting. Charmingly, Hannah had put the cane away and was stroking my shriveled cock. Amazingly I became hard almost instantly. “Lie on your back darling.” said Hannah. She unzipped her trousers and, in an instant, slipped me into her. All moist and ready she pinched my nipples hard knowing I’d come in a matter of a few of her thrusts. And she was right. I did. Pain erased by the overwhelming sensation of her love and of being only hers.

She got on with her day. I lay in wonder at the sheer perfection of my position.

Today I ironed.

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