A moment’s maintenance

We are having an intensely busy week. Houseguests, business, madness. But the lady of the house knows that a man in my position needs his reminders.

We had upstairs to ourselves.

“I think a quick maintenance whipping darling”, Hannah said directing my to my whipping position. “Now trousers off and put your belt in place.” As I complied she went to get her cane from the closet. I knelt and felt her lash my wrists to my ankles. She was pressed of time and, without a word commenced a quick, but intense warm up spanking. I could see her can in my peripheral vision and it was not long before she began to work my bottom. Pressed for time but more than willing to make time to administer a through whipping. Though, to be fair, she did not switch sides.

How many strokes? I don’t count. Neither does Hannah. My whipping is done when she decides it is done.

Which is how it should be.

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