As I mentioned earlier Hannah wanted a heavier, straighter, cane for my corrections and maintenance. We are not quite sure what was needed but I noticed a sale at our local Home Depot. 48″ lengths of doweling in various diameters.

Now, the problem with doweling for a cane is that it breaks. Quite easily. The advantage is that it is stupidly cheap. Hannah could try a few options for all of $2.00.

Off we sent, a couple of miles walking on the first day of summer. We both knew what we were looking for. Something with a bit of heft. At the moment, Hannah has a couple of rattan canes but they are 30 inches long and all of 1/4 inch.

The doweling section offered a wide variety of choices. One inch (dear heavens)…but 7/16 and 5/8. She swished them in the store. 48 inches long. Too long. But a good start.

We got them home and, as dinner simmered, Hannah took me up stairs.

I took my position and Hannah warmed me up with her hand. Hard but not too hard as my bottom hurts her hand. The dowels themselves were too long at 48″. She took a few practice strokes with the 7/16 and then a few strokes in earnest. They certainly hurt but they failed to deliver the heavy cane experience – or even the cutting force of the rattan in her closet.

The 5/8 was a whole different thing.

The weight is changed, Now the strokes landed with serious impact.

I think Hannah liked the 5/8s. So did I…sort of. My strokes were delivered with authority. Hannah was not stroking hard. The cane was too long for that. 36 inches seems about right.

She stopped at about ten strokes.

“This one I like. Easy to use and very gratifying.” My bruised bottom attested to that. The weight of the heavier cane shot a news flash with each stroke.

We ended and I was unbuckled.

“I like this one,” Hannah said, “Oil it and have it ready in the morning. Ten inches off.”

I cut the canes down and oiled both, The little one broke as I swished it trough the air.

In love and in position…I look forward to my morning submission.

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