The Corner

Darling Hannah was a bit mad a few days ago. I’d been cheeky. She’d not been amused.

I’ll be brief: she left a pair of deep “in heat” panties at the end of the bed. “Nose to the corner…naked…I’ll be up later.”

Now, with your nose buried in the scent of the panties the lady of the house has worn the day before, a man in my position is very happy indeed. And now it is warm, rather than freezing, in my corner. But the position itself is awkward and a tiny bit painful. I was longing for her footsteps. And longing and longing.

When you are in the corner you know you will be released eventually. But that can be a while. And it was. And, worse, even when Hannah came upstairs, she dawdled. Went back downstairs. And then up and dawdled again.

Corner time is about mindfulness…thinking of the lady of the house. Thinking about what I am being punished for. Staying in that place makes me ready for the punishment to come. Or simply happy

Mainly happy.

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