In the Sewing Room

Sometimes after I have been punished Hannah lets me cum. Usually into my little iron saki cup which I then have to lick clean. Occasionally onto a tissue. Once in a very long while she will give me her oral attentions. And sometimes she will simply want me to edge myself for our mutual amusement and my intense frustration.

One of the best things in my position is that I can always ask. Hannah has no trouble at all saying “no” and I often think she likes the ask simply because it affords her a way to exercise dominion while putting me thoroughly in my place.

So, a few hours after my morning punishment I lightheartedly asked if the lady of the house would like my oral attentions. She demurred. And a little while later I asked if I might be lucky enough to have her oral attentions. She laughed, then smiled, then said “We’ll see after you walk the dog”. Off I went.

When I returned to the house Hannah was in her sewing room – a place I spend a good deal of time attending to her ironing. “Come up here a minute dear.” I walked up the stairs and into the sun dappled room. “Stand beside my table….You wanted something?”

“I would like to masturbate if I might Hannah.”

“Well, no reason why not. Get on with it.” said Hannah returning to sewing a button on a pretty linen jacket.

My cock was already semi erect and Hannah’s lovely permission was all it needed to stiffen. Hannah sewed the button and when she was done reached across and ran her nails along the shaft of my cock. She slipped one long nail right into the slit and pinched quite hard.

“Would you like to come?” she asked rhetorically.

“Yes darling, very much.” I replied.

“Well you can’t as we have no tissue and no cup.”

She went right on using her nails and taking my balls in a powerful hand and squeezing. I was getting very close.

Hannah picked up a red headed sewing pin. She ran it across my nearly purple cockhead. A dozen times taking care not to rupture the skin. I was at the very edge….

“You’re done now darling. Put that away and get back to work.

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