“I could have used the brush harder,” said Hannah, “but I was not sure you would make it through fifty really hard strokes.” Hannah said that after my last punishment whipping.

Hannah is not a girl to leave questions hanging.

I was not surprised, though a little apprehensive this morning when Hannah told me I’d be getting a maintenance spanking. “Fetch the bath brush.” is not something one wants to hear first thing in the morning. “Now, for a change I’d like you across my lap to start,” Hannah said pulling down my briefs. I took this seldom used position and felt Hannah’s hand as she warmed me up. Mrs. Spenser is entirely correct when she points out that a woman really can’t do much with her hand; but a good long warm up spanking sets the mood and puts me into my proper place.

“Now, let’s see what this brush can really do.” said Hannah bringing the bath brush to bear. The problem with the across the lap position is that it is awkward and difficult for Hannah to take a full swing. But even the abbreviated strokes sent frissons of pain. I didn’t count but I suspect Hannah delivered at least a dozen smacks before saying, “This just does not work. Get onto the bed and put a pillow under your hips.” I hastened to comply and, in a matter of seconds, Hannah brought the brush down with real force. “That’s better,” Hannah said as she brought down the next smack with what felt like even more force.

“You see, darling, I am pretty certain you could take fifty of these…or more. And you really wouldn’t have any choice. But it would really hurt so, if I were you, I would remember what this dozen feels like and never put myself in a position where you deserved more.” Hannah kept her rhythm as she spoke. “Your skin turns milk white before it goes pink. If I did this for a while I expect you really would not be able to sit down for a day or two. Especially on that nice hard wood chair I have for you in your office.”

I suspect it was a dozen stokes, I was certainly not counting. Rather I was trying to embrace the sensation and the love with which Hannah swung her bath brush.

“There you go dear,” said Hannah, finished at last, “You catch your breath and then we can have a nice cup of coffee on the terrace.”

Which we did and I sat, rather delicately on the edge of my seat.

One comment

  1. Hannah in this short story seems to almost tease about the spanking—In the rare case I have a paddling coming its just out of the shower and she paddles my bare butt and my butt hurts—It is rare and i have it coming every time I get it she puts up with plenty–but no teasing or sexuality—

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