Anticipating the Long Weekend

There is nothing which I like better than the prospect of an entire weekend where I have the time to serve the lady of the house.

Hannah was wonderful this morning. Coming into the room where I am sleeping with her tea and, after I nuzzled her affectionately, saying “Wash your hands.” A simple request which I knew meant she wanted me to masturbate her. I washed thoroughly and when I came back Hannah was delightfully laying back in her nighty. “My tongue or my hand darling?” I asked. “Oh, your hand for the moment.” I set to work pleasuring my darling.

I have not ejaculated at all in June. Sometimes, if I am very lucky and it is the right time of month, Hannah will let me cum after she has used my cock for her greater pleasure. I used my hand as well as I know how and, in not so very long, Hannah had her eyes closed and her heart racing. She rarely lets me finish her and today was no exception. Instead I touch myself to be ready if she requires my hard cock. Hannah came, arching her back to her own hand’s subtle rhythms. “Now, darling” she panted.

My cock was nearly, but not completely, hard. Ideal for a submissive man as Hannah could decide how hard she wanted me simply by playing with my nipples. I began to gently stroke as her fingers grazed me. I could tell by her touch that she was thinking about letting me come. I was now rock hard and my strokes had an urgency to them that only a month of chastity can create.

Hannah’s hands left my nipples. They went to my hips. “Your done darling…it is a long weekend and I want your full attention.” Gently but firmly Hannah pushed my hips away from her. My cock slipped apart from her beauty. I know my place. I slide down the bed and licked her lovely pussy dry. A perfect task for a man in my position

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