A man in my position can certainly ask for sex. But, realistically, he is in the position of that poor 50’s housewife with a sexually demanding husband. Even when he decided he wanted her, he certainly didn’t care if she came.

Hannah is delightfully on heat and very moist at the moment. Playful.

I made my longing clear this morning…”Well, perhaps some strokes.” she said taking off her skirt and panties. She mounted me and I tried to lie still and not thrust. If Hannah wants thrusts she’ll tell me. She slide up and down my cock and lighty touched my nipples. It was obvious from the start I was not going to be allowed to cum.

Very gently Hannah fucked me. She knew I was desperate to ejaculate…and she liked my longing. She also liked being on top and in total control. She teased my nipples and enjoyed my rock hard, but obedient, cock as she rode me. I focused on her pleasure and not disgracing myself.

After a few minutes, as she felt me beginning to lose control, Hannah sat back on my thighs, my cock hard within her. She sat until I remembered myself and stopped thrusting.

She was done. I was cross eyed with longing.

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