Rattan cane for discipline

There really is a difference.

I found a source of rattan not so very far from our home. 32 inch lengths. Very in expensive.

I bought the lady of the house two lengths, one slightly thicker than the other. I might have drawn an interested glance or two as I travelled home but somehow two lengths seem less punishment cane like than one.

A bit of sanding and both are ready to go.

Critically, a rattan cane needs to be soaked for several hours or even a day or two. Rattan can easily dry and as it dries it loses some of its flex and, more importantly, most of its weight. A good soak restores both.

Having been caned several times with the rattan lengths I can safely say that they produce more sensation than any other implement Hannah uses on me. Which is not to say agony – for that the bath brush remains the mistress of pain – rather sensation in all its forms. Hannah is use getting the flex of the canes under control and there have been some memorable strokes which took us both by surprise.

The soaked canes are actually easier to control than they are dry and the greatly increased weight means as well as the snap of first contact there is a thudding finish to Hannah’s best strokes.

As with any new tool, the rattan lengths take a bit of getting used to. I have no doubt Hannah will master them. Practice makes perfect and it is my happy position to be used for practice.

Twenty light aiming strokes to bring Hannah’s eye in are actually quite pleasant. They bring the blood up in my bottom and trigger the wonderful sensation of complete submission. The weighting strokes which usually follow, where Hannah increases the force of her strokes and gauges my reaction to her severity brings and entirely different set of sensations. First, helplessness. We both know that she has the complete right to whip me until she is satisfied with the result. Second, deliciously, a frission of fear. I am afraid that I will not be able to endure my training. But then another, more wonderful sensation overwhelms me as the cane’s bit intensifies; complete surrender and embrace.

As Hannah whips she loves.

And one is about to be used on me for maintenance.

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  1. I was very pleased to hear from you again – I’ve missed your posts. It sounds like you are doing quite well. 😉 Both you and dear Hannah are very lucky to have each other. Thank you so much for sharing with us here.

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