The Maid

dominant maidIn truth, I am terrifically busy and not terribly good at housework. But the lady of the house is busy too. What to do? Well, I like solving problems and the obvious solution to this one was to hire someone.

We are lucky enough to live in a rather lovely, large house. It is large enough that it actually has a little maid’s room. But where would you find a maid in these egalitarian times. Especially a maid who could be witting as to the interesting rules of the house. And who would be willing to provide the deference and formality which the lady of the house and I require?

As it happens, from time to time, I do pinup photography for fun. Hannah has no trouble with this because she likes the dress up aspect. She is quite confident that I will behave impeccably with our young models as one cannot imagine the punishment were I to put a hand wrong. And one of our models used her pictures to advertise a “lingerie cleaning service” which suggested that she could clean and was more than a little open minded. Which was necessary as we proposed to have her dress prettily, always wear stockings and a girdle and be corsetted for the lady’s maid and serving portion of her day. And, of course, being a pinup girl, our maid is very pretty. 22, tattooed, very self-possessed.

Plus, for this to work, she would also in the course of her duties, be privy to Hannah’s disciplinary techniques. A fact which both excited and embarrassed me. However, my duty is to serve my sweet Hannah and hiring the maid was, I thought, far and away the best way to discharge this duty. So, with Hannah’s permission, I hired the maid and, for the past few days have been training her. The housekeeping is straightforward. So was explaining that in our house Hannah was absolutely in charge. “We have a female lead relationship. Hannah disciplines me frequently and, from time to time your duties will include bringing her the tools she requires for that discipline.”

From the very beginning, our maid was taught the basic etiquette of the house: Hannah is ma’am or, as our maid is, in fact, French, Madame. I am sir. I have her curtsy to Hannah on her arrival after she has changed into her underpinings and simple black skirt and top. She wears a long apron for cleaning and we are looking for a pretty half apron for serving. It is all very formal but the very formality has given her a real sense of place. She’s loving the job.

Last night, at cocktails, Hannah sent the maid upstairs for my nipple clips. I knelt and lifted my sweater as Hannah expects me to. The maid watched as Hannah fastened the clips…little antique lingerie clips with bite. I lowered my sweater. “Set the timer for fifteen minutes.” “Yes Madame.”

Our maid reappeared fifteen minutes later…”Oh, I think he needs another five.” And in five minutes our maid appeared again. Hannah was done, I knelt, Hannah removed the clips, which often hurts far more than their being put on and dropped them on our maid’s waiting tray. Our maid watched my obedience but entirely retained her decorum.

In time, I suspect, Hannah will send her upstairs with me for corner time so that Hannah does not have to attend to binding my arms. It will be deeply humiliating but also very exciting. As I am largely chaste, being bound naked by a pretty young, fully clothed, girl will almost certainly provoke the gallant response…as it should. And there will be nothing whatsoever I can do about it without Hannah’s permission. Which I thought about as my nipples throbbed and a bit more wine was poured.

Cocktails continued. Hannah is a contented, well served woman.

This morning she whipped me. And let me fill my cup.

I am desperately in love.

Update: A lovely article on the maid’s duty to curtsy to the lady of the house.


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