At the Lady’s Direction

I knew I was to be punished this evening. And I knew that the lady of the house had decided to have our maid participate again. So I made sure I was showered and shaved and when Hannah came home ensured that she was greeted with her glass of cold water and that her wine was set to chill.

Hannah summoned Tanyia to her bedroom and I was left to wait. I could hear the gentle feminine sounds of Hannah stripping off her jeans and slipping into her hose, girdle and skirts for cocktails and dinner. Our maid assisted – as I well know, the back garters on Hannah’s zip sided black girdle can always use another pair of hands. I sipped my beer. Madame’s transformation complete I heard the click of Tanyiaia’s heels down the hall.

“Sir, Madame would like you in your corner.” I obeyed silently. The lady of the house’s maid had conveyed an instruction, no more. Her interest was concealed or did not exist. She walked up the stairs behind me and past the open door of the sewing room where Hannah was occupied. I knew the drill. I stood in front of the bed and stripped naked. I pulled my belt from its loops. One hand on my sex, the other holding the belt I set out to my corner.

We have a large bedroom and the walk of shame was a dozen steps or more. Tanyia had her back to me. I handed her my belt and picked up Hannah’s freshly worn panties. I pressed them to the corner with my nose. Tanyia could see I was ready in the dressing table mirror. Silently she looped the belt and slipped it up past my elbows. She cinched it tight. Not quite as tight as it would go but tight enough that it would come off and denied me any access to my half erect cock.

“Ten minutes I think Tanyia…set the timer.” said the lady of the house coming into the bedroom to see that all was well. “We’ll use the clips tonight, Tanyia. He’ll simply have to learn that I will not tolerate rudeness.”

“Oui, Madame.” replied Tanyia, I suspect with a perfect curtsy. (She has been curtsying a lot since reading this.)

I was left alone to consider my slightly disrespectful behaviour toward the lady of the house. tightly bound arms begin to be uncomfortable after a while. Which is the point really, and I was delighted to hear heels coming down the hall. No relief, it was the lady of the house looking for something. I did not know where the something was and so she left. I flexed my legs, breathed in my lady’s scent and, eventually, as I lost a good deal of feeling in my hands, the maid returned and undid the belt. I let the panties drop to the floor. Once again the maid turned her back demurely as I walked to my clothes and dressed. She waited and then walked behind me as we rejoined the lady of the house who was engrossed in her Edith Wharton novel.

I knelt and thanked Hannah. “Well, no more of that sort of talk.”

“No ma’am.”

“Tanyia will clip you tonight.”

I lifted my shirt and teased my nipples erect as Tanyia fumbled with the unfamiliar antique lingerie clips. She has lovely warm, soft hands and no hesitation. Which is best; better a short, sharp bite than three or four as the clips’ position is adjusted. At last they were on and, for a little while, my humiliation was abated. I stood up and looked to Hannah for permission to sit. Tanyia curtsied and left. Hannah called after her,

“Twelve minutes I think.”

Tanyia turned, dropped a large curtsy, smiled and said, “Oui, Madame.”

I would not be at all surprised if Hannah taught the maid how to cane me. Which would be as deeply pleasing as it would be humiliating.

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