I really should be preparing the lady of the house’s hors d’oeuvre or having a shower to be sweet for her return. But I have to wait for a phone call…In a properly run house the lady of the house is served. If not by a servant, then by a man in my position.

This is not optional. When she comes home at the end of her day her refreshing glass of water should await her. Her coat should be taken and the groceries packed away. As she changes – assuming lady’s maiding tasks are not required, the hors d’oeuvre is prepared and set out. The candles are lighted and the fire started.

For at least a little while, the lady of the house is at leisure.

As she should be.


  1. These posts are absolutely wonderful!
    They are inspiring indeed as to the possibilities of the Female led marriage. You seem to have a very civilized lifestyle as well as a servant husband in complete understanding of his place.

    Very good for you both. Quite enjoyable reading usually in perfect sized snipppets which give us wonderful ideas.

    Thankyou for the time you take to do this, read this and maintain the blog.

    Most sincerely
    and Her pet.

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