Morning Meditation

stockings tops and garter tabsThe Lady of the House has decided that I am to fetch her coffee in the morning on the maid’s days off. Which is as it should be. I go downstairs, turn on the heat, draw the drapes, put on the coffee…

Then I return to our bedroom, take off my robe, pick up yesterday’s panties and retire to my corner while Hannah reads. I do not speak. I think about Hannah, naked, in our bed.

This morning she was kind enough to allow me twenty strokes and five extra. I’d awoken hard and Hannah was happy to touch me harder. She grew a little wet and told me, “You may have twenty strokes and then do your morning duties and go to your corner.”

Slipping into Hannah is sweetness itself. She was moist but not at all on heat. I took my strokes slowly and deliberately enjoying every second of my enclosure. Hannah enjoyed being filled but was not about to let me cum. It’s been weeks. Which does not matter. I certainly will not be allowed to cum until I have had my punishment whipping and Hannah is likely five days away from really wanting sex. Which is the only time I have the slightest chance of cuming in her.

I came to the end of my twenty, which I am required to count out, “You may have five more.”

Hannah’s hands stayed well away from my nipples as I slipped into her. This was intimacy and teasing, there was no chance I would be allowed to cum.

“I counted five, “There, you’re done.”

“Thank you ma’am” I said as I withdrew.

“Fetch a tissue.”

I did and then set about my morning duties. When I returned Hannah was reading. Idly she motioned me to my corner. I placed her pretty black panties where they would do the most good and settled in to think about how ravishing Hannah is, naked, or in stockings. My cock rose and it was all I could do to follow the rules and not touch myself.

A few minutes later I heard the coffee. I fetched it. Hannah was still reading when I served her.

I was content.

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