Tease and Deny

cock teasing The lady of the house keeps me quite chaste. I have not cum without her permission and supervision for over a year. But that does not for a minute prevent me from becoming very hard indeed at the slightest encouragement.

Yesterday I was particularly interested after six or seven days of chastity. Hannah noticed and, as she read her book, began to play with my cock. After about five minutes of quite distracted play she asked, “Would you like your cup?”

Well of course I would. Silly question, I had not cum for days. But that is not my role, my position.

“Do you want me to use my cup?” I asked.

She did not reply but kept playing with my cock, running her long nails across the head and, from time to time, pushing the sharp point of the nail on her little finger into my little hole. She kept reading.

I longed for her.

Then we got up.

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