Slips are not permitted

husband whipped by wifeYou would think that after my Christmas Day whipping I would be very, very careful what I said and how I said it to the lady of the house. Well I wasn’t at breakfast today.

We went about our business and, as cocktail hour approached Hannah told me to accompany her to our bedroom while she changed. I helped her pick out her outfit and fastened her back garter tabs. When she was done she turned to me,

“Apparently you did not learn your lesson yesterday. You can spend some time in your corner thinking about what you should do better and considering that tonights’ whipping will be shorter but harder than last nights’.”

I stripped, picked up Hannah’s discarded panties and stood, nose to panty to corner. It grew cold standing naked and I had to wonder at “harder”. I suspect I stood in the corner for fifteen minutes, I didn’t time it. At last I heard Hannah’s heels clicking down the hall.

“I trust you realize I mean business, I will not be spoken to disrespectfully. If you are not interested in what I am saying that is your problem, not mine. Now, take your position.”

There was nothing gentle about Hannah as she strapped me in place. Her warm ups were pro forma: the main event started almost at once. Full, hard strokes with very little pause in between. My bottom was aflame within a couple of strokes but Hannah was giving me the full dozen.

And then she switched sides and got to work evening things up. Worse, she was using her left hand and that is inaccurate. The tip of the cane snapped against my slightly exposed testicle…I nearly jumped off the bed and would have had I not been restrained. Hannah finished up and released me.

“Now, if you are rude again I will whip you again, each time a little harder. Men are often slow learners.” As she spoke she was holding my half erect cock. She gave it a squeeze, perhaps promising something later, turned on her heel and left me to recover as best I could.

I am, as my commentors tell me, a very lucky man.

One comment

  1. Well not only caned on Christmas Day, but another even harder caning the very next day. Certainly a slow learner, and lucky not to get many more strokes. Very fitting way to train a man, give it to him on Christmas Day. Well done mistress, I guess he will rally be getting it really and long soon

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