Leaving on Jet Plane

spanked husband“Darling,” said Hannah as I finished my shower, “You have a few minutes before you have to catch your flight. Come here.”

Hannah was sitting on our bed. She smoothed her pretty full skirt and reached for her salad paddle. I took my position across her lap. “Now darling, you’ll only be away one night but I want to make sure you remember your position. So I am going to give you a good paddling and then a dozen strokes with my cane. And then…”

A few hard hand slaps and Hannah switched to her paddle. Not terribly hard but rythmically, from side to side, occassionally overlapping. The paddle burns more than stings and by the tenth swat I was squirming. And by the twentieth I was having trouble keeping my toes on the floor as required in the over the knee position. I was close to tearing up when Hannah decided that my bottom was ready for its whipping.

“Ok, darling, now for your strokes. Just take your usual postion on the bed.” I complied and heard the swish of the thin rattan cane as it sliced through the air and across my flaming bottom. The pain from the cane was redoubled by my already throbbing buttocks. Hannah, rightly, paid no attention. This was not a punishment caning so she used, perhaps, half force for the first six strokes.

“Nearly done dear. But I really want you to remember who you love, honour and obey.” With that Hannah kicked it up a couple of rather nasty notches. Six perfectly parallel lines of pain grilled my bottom. I was gasping when she was done. Very nearly crying. She left me huddled on the bed for a moment. Then returned.

“Get up. We’re not quite done.” I got up, expecting corner time, instead Hannah handed me my cast iron saki cup. I took it silently and began to pump my somewhat erect cock. Hannah flicked my nipples with the very tip of her long fingernails. “We really should have one of these pierced. But which one?” Her nails clamped down on the right nipple…which is my signal that I am allowed, indeed required, to cum. And then she released the nipple…”No, I think the left. Over your heart.” Hannah’s beautiful long, sharp, lightly polished fingernails began to dig. Just as she began to twist the nipple a little I ejaculated.

“Lovely!” said Hannah as she often does.

It was only a short flight, but it took a very long time.

One comment

  1. Oh my gosh! She showed you no mercy for the plane ride! Just last week I convinced my wife to go light because of an upcoming flight. You are lucky that yours knows better!

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