Shower Time

golden shower first thingI woke up with the wonderful desire to serve the lady of the house. We lay in bed and I stroked her back and bottom. It was still too early in the cycle for her to want sex. But she knew that I wanted sex which is fine.

At our house I can want sex all the time; but I won’t get it. Instead I get whipped, or I get an over the knee paddling or sent to my corner: I have sex when Hannah wants me for her greater pleasure.

But she can be very playful…

“Darling, we really have to get up. And you really need to have a shower. Why don’t you run a little warm water to warm up the tub and then take your position.”

We had not done this for months. I find it wonderfully symbolic and more than a little humble making, Hannah finds it puzzling. But I do what I am told and, in a few minutes was lying awkwardly in our tub shower listening to Hannah brush her teeth. She finished and I held my hands up to make a seat for her.


I took the rest of my shower and got to work…with a huge smile on my face.

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