The lady of the house is coming on heat – which is wonderful for her and sometimes for me. Last night I heard the happy words “Wash your hands” as I turned out my light. I hastened to comply and when I got back to bed Hannah made it clear my position was head between her pretty thighs, mouth wide open, tounge to work.

After a few minutes she decided to take matters into her own hands. “You watch and make sure you are hard when I am done.” This was not at all difficult to achieve. Hannah knows just how to touch herself and, in a very few minutes came beautifully.

“Now darling.” I slide into Hannah and, after a few strokes she began to rub and flick my nipples. I was very close and I was just longing for the sharp pinch which was permission to come.

It never came. Instead Hannah push down on my hips which is her very clear signal I am to withdraw. So I did.

“Thank you my darling. That was just perfect.” She rolled on her side and, in a moment or two was fast asleep.

It took me a little longer.


  1. This is so wonderful. My wife of a few months is a natural dominant but has only done this a couple of times. I hope if I’m worshipful enough my wife will have the confidence to really lead like this!

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