When you are a chaste male it does not mean that the lady of the house does not take her pleasure. When she wants. Often she is quite direct. She will lie on our bed and slip off her panties. I know my place and immediately slip my tongue into her sweet moisture. In the past few years I have improved my skills. I have learned to begin slowly and move to ice cream cone licks before concentrating on her pretty clit.

She likes to have me suck her clit into my mouth and hold it there with my pursed lips as I roll my tongue around it and sometimes, lightly, slid my teeth across it.

There is something quite wonderful about licking patiently and well until the lady of the house comes or decides to take matters into her own hands. If the later I am required to remain hard and at the ready in case, for her greater pleasure, she decides she wants my cock. She always comes before making this decision. And, even if she lets me slide inside her, by now, beautifully wet pussy, it is not until she actually pinches my nipples that I am allowed to ejaculate.

As a general rule, when she has me for her greater pleasure and allows me to ejaculate she wants me done quickly. Less than ten strokes. My nipples throb as I race to finish. This is not my greater pleasure, it is hers in feeling herself filled and seeing the longing in my eyes as I push towards completion.


And, with her permission a gallery of men orally serving.

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