Short and Sharp

I was just waking up. The house was quiet. Hannah was dressing and, delightfully, letting me see all that I am not allowed to touch. “Now, your spanking and we’re off.”

I had been snippy a day or two ago and Hannah had said, “Well you certainly need a good whipping but I don’t have time right now.” I had apologized and nothing more had come of it. I thought she had forgotten.

As she zipped up her skirt it was apparent she hadn’t. “Into position.”

I immediately obeyed and stripped of my underwear I knelt on the edge of the bed, face down, bottom up. I could hear Hannah rustling in the closet where she keeps her canes. But that stopped and she walked to our bathroom.

“Much better. We don’t have much time.” She smacked my bottom a few times with her hand. “You should know better than to be snippy to the lady of the house.”

“Yes ma’am”.

“Well this will remind you.”

The first smack of the bath brush reminded me just how much I prefer almost any other implement. A second, more forceful shot suggested that Hannah had her range. Now all I could do was try to say still as I was taught my lesson.

I quickly lost count of the strokes. Hannah was putting her firm force into each and it was all I could do to remain in position. She had not restrained me. But I knew if I moved, gave into my urge to crawl away, she would just start over.

The bath brush is quite heavy and while there is a slap as it connects, the real sting goes much deeper. Especially, when, as she did this morning, the lady of the house concentrates her strokes on a rosy spot on each cheek. I was squirming and very close to tears when she finally thought I had been properly reminded of my manners.

“Now, get dressed and make sure you put your paddling in your punishment book. I was checking and you have been a bit lazy there.”

“Thank you darling. I will.”

I stood up. Hannah came very close and took my semi erect cock in her hand. She stroked it lightly and with her other hand flicked my nipples. “It is so much better when you are obedient and respectful isn’t it.”

“Yes darling.”

“Well, I certainly don’t have time to do anything about your little cock right now; but perhaps this afternoon you can have some corner time and then give me my pleasure.”

I was stiff with excitement. “Yes, darling.”

“Get dressed, make the beds and we’ll get going.”



  1. I’ve just found your blog and have to say it is the most delightful thing. So elegantly illustrated and so well written. A pure joy. I need much more time to fully explore its treasures but that would run the risk of incurring the wrath of Mistress. I think we both know what that might entail but it will be worth the suffering

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