submissive husband, Every so often, say every six months or so since I began as a man in my position I get so horney that, I’m afraid, I forget all my good intentions about only having sex when Hannah wants it. This morning was one of those times. I have not come in a couple of weeks and, waking with a throbbing erection, I began to caress Hannah’s sleeping pussy. She was a bit moist and, knowing I would be punished, I tried to push my way in.

And failed.

Hannah was more amused than angry and knowing how much I want her always arouses her. She took matters into her own hands as I whispered my apologies and my humiliation. “Darling I am so sorry my little cock couldn’t please you.” And then I had a clever idea: “I could advertise for a nice young man, black or white, your choice. I could serve you both drinks and then be sent to my corner while you had a really big hard cock in you.” Hannah bucked and squirmed, saying nothing, but clearly enjoying the image.

“Are you ready?” she gasped as she neared her edge.

I was. Too ready actually. I was leaking pre-cum and thinking about penguins and nuns. And, so, of course when Hannah came I was limp. She stroked and pinched my nipples but, the reality was that I had started wrong. I had tried to make love to Hannah instead of accepting that it can never work that way. I have learned my place in a way I never thought possible; when I try to assert myself sexually, my own well trained body betrays me and remembers to obey Hannah.

How perfect.

I got hard again a few minutes later. “Lovely Darling” Hannah said feeling my erection, “Time for you to go and make coffee.”


  1. “Lovely Darling” Hannah said feeling my erection, “Time for you to go and make coffee.”

    Isn’t it fabulous how women are so loving, yet so dismissive? It is any wonder the have such power?

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