As the seasons change the lady of the house slips from her summer dresses to her more structured fall clothes. Soon the perfect girdle and seamed hose will graciously complement the heels and skirts for cocktails.

I fear I was a bit snappish this morning. “That’s enough of that.” said Hannah slipping off her panties and handing them to me, “Off you go to your corner.”

Ten minutes in the dark pressing Hannah’s scent to the wall with my nose reminded me of my place.

“Now take your position.” No nonsense this morning – I was to be whipped. And I was. Not severely, just a dozen medium strokes of the heavy rattan cane.

“Stand up” said Hannah when she was finished. She took my semi erect cock in one hand. “I’ve been a bit neglectful of your discipline lately. Well, that is going to change. You have been a bit snappy and I will not put up with that. Now go have your shower.”

Balance restored, cock erect with longing, I did as I was told.


  1. The change in season is always a welcome one. It seems more structured clothing heralds a more structured mindset. Autumn and winter are good seasons to reinforce discipline that perhaps goes lacking in the summer sun?

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