Pleasure of a Sort

disciplined husband Every so often Hannah likes to have me masturbate into my cast iron saki cup. Usually in the morning as we are getting up and she can see my erection.

“Get your cup.” she said having first had me slip out of my night shirt and sleeping panties. I hastened to comply. I had not cum in a week or two. But I also knew Hannah had certain rules for my morning masturbation. It is very much a demonstration of her power and my submission. I have to stand or kneel, always naked, always holding the cup in my left hand and my cock in my right. I start when she tells me to, stop when told to, usually Hannah will let me cum; but not always.

“You may begin” said Hannah. I was naked and hard as I pulled my cock standing at my side of the bed. Hannah watched for a little while.

“We really are going to have to find you a couple of pretty nighties for the winter”. Hannah has wanted to have me in more feminine sleep wear for some time. As she said this she reached up and pinched my left nipple quite hard. I have been trained never to come without having my nipples pinched and, when they are pinched, I know I must finish quickly.

“Come on, jerk off into your cup. Let’s go…You don’t have to make a big production out of making your little mess.” As she spoke Hannah dug her fingernails into my nipple.

I came in three short spurts. Huge relief after a couple of weeks.

“Excellent. Now drink up your little mess and go and make coffee.”

I am rarely allowed to masturbate without having to taste the results. Not unpleasant, just deeply humiliating. Hannah watched and when I was finished flipped open a magazine.

Perfect. I made coffee.

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