Two Ladies – Anticipation

obedient husband

“I think it might be nice if you found another lady who might visit and watch.” said Hannah a couple of weeks ago. “Nothing complicated, just cocktails and, if we can manage it a bit of corner time and a whipping.”

So off to Craigslist I went…where else? Here’s the ad,

An Elegant, Disciplined, Evening

Fall, a glorious, sunny, fall is here at last. Summer dresses are lovely, but now it’s time to put a bit more structure into life.

I am a casually dominant wife with a wonderfully submissive husband. We enjoy good wine, great conversation, retro clothing and the company of discerning women. I am very discrete and he does what he is told – always.

Once in a while I like to put him through his paces in the company of an intriguing woman. I think it is good for him to show that he knows his place in public – or at least with another woman present. A lovely opportunity to wear a pretty dress and be pampered.

This is not really about sex. He is kept chaste unless I particularly have a use for that part of him. Teased hard and denied often. It keeps him on his toes.

Instead it is about two women spending an elegant hour or two getting to know one another while they are served by my husband. If there is a reason (and there almost always is), and the circumstances are right, I might dispatch him to his corner and you might watch me whip him. Very much depends on mood.

If this sounds interesting send me a note and we’ll take it from there.

We received three or four replies but, I fear, a large “flake factor” was at work.

But, delightfully, one young lady understood completely. Ladies visiting, served by an obedient man. We’ll see what happens.

Update: Indisposed…sigh. But we have rescheduled for Friday. The Lady of the House was not in the least put off. “We shall make our own fun…get me your clips.” I did and teased up my nipples so she could get the teeth set right. Over an hour in the clips which had begun to really dig after twenty minutes.

Hannah had me wear panties and a very tight girdle and, after dinner, “My girdle was, in fact, killing me.” Hannah graciously allowed me to change but, as I was standing pantyless, came into the room. “Get in postion.”

She bound wrists to ankles and caned, fairly lightly, for a couple of dozen strokes. “So much for maintenance, stand up.” she said undoing the belt. “Hands on your knees. Now, you contradicted me last night. You were rude, loud and saucy. So now you get eight real strikes.”


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