Ladies Visiting

After the cancellation earlier this week Hannah was more than a little skeptical as to Simone’s visit. “Why would a young girl want to risk joining people she does not know?” Of course I took a certain amount of good natured teasing about my exhibitionistic nature – perhaps well deserved.

However, the night before the appointed day I had made a rather major error believing that Hannah had told me to paint some walls when she had said, or at least thought she had said, just the opposite. And I used the wrong paint. Which lead to out gassing, Hannah having a sore throat and a headache and my being in trouble. The smell abated but I was definitely in line for punishment.

I was delighted when Simone confirmed. All the more so when she phoned to say she would be a bit late. I put out the cheese, lighted the candles, sliced the bread and decanted the red wine. Hannah went to change into a wonderfully designed black and white Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress which emphasized her tiny waist and long legs. She was, of course, wearing a completely unnecessary black zip up girdle, smoke coloured hose and a gorgeous vintage black bra. I dressed with care in my Vanity Fair briefs and my spanking girdle. Black strides and a black cashmere sweater: my Pashmina shawl completed my outfit.

“So, darling, she is coming but what shall we do?” asked Hannah as I put out the Limoges plates and starched napkins. “I am not about to march you upstairs for your whipping with a perfect stranger.”

I did not really have an answer to this question. I am very much a “play it by ear” person. “Well, I think you should be yourself only more so and I will serve and do as I am told.”

The buzzer sounded and I answered the door. Simone is very pretty indeed. Blonde, gorgeous skin – bearing flowers. I took her coat and bag and flowers just as Hannah arrived from the kitchen. “Simone, thank you for coming…wine? White? Red? Red, perfect.” I was put firmly in my place as Hannah swept Simone off to our morning room. I hung up her coat and put the flowers in a bit of water. I got the glass tray and took Simone her drink and Hannah her white. Guests first and then I held out Hannah’s wine. “Thank you dear but that is not nearly enough.” I had failed to notice that Hannah had only a half glass left. “Sorry Ma’am.” She pointedly ignored me and went on to speak with Simone.

I fixed my error and began to bring out the small plates. When I was done I came in with my own glass of wine and stood, waiting, until Hannah saw me and motioned me to sit.

In fact Hannah knew exactly what to do. She kept the conversation general and enquired about Simone’s background, education, family and so on. It really was in the tradition of a younger woman making the acquaintance of a more experienced and worldly older woman. And, had I recorded the conversation, there was not a word which could not be printed on the front page of the local paper. As Hannah was making this conversation she was also giving Simone a bit of insight into how we live and our circumstances. The children were mentioned, my work, her running of the house – it was a wonderful and deeply sincere performance.

Of course, what Hannah was trying to determine was whether she felt comfortable with Simone. And she was giving Simone the opportunity to make the same decision. I didn’t time it precisely but, in no more than half an hour, Hannah had obviously concluded she could. She walked out of the morning room and, a moment later I heard her returning. And I heard the distinctive clink of the lingerie clips against the decanter of red wine. “Well darling, I think we should clip you. Come here.” I knelt beside Hannah reached under my sweater to try to erect my nipples for the clips.

“I’m afraid he’s going to have to be quite severely punished. He was disobedient last night; but worse, he did’t immediately apologize. However, the way the kids are distributed around the house, his whipping will have to wait until later. For now we’ll just use these pretty lingerie clips on his nipples. We got them on Ebay. They are from the 1920’s and ladies used them to keep their bra and slip straps in order.” “Oh they are pretty,” said Simone as I knelt pinching my nipples.

“They are.” said Hannah clamping my left nipple firmly and ensuring that the little prongs dug into my sensitive flesh, “We avoid the sort of “sex shop” things people use. We prefer pretty and elegant.” My right nipple felt the bite of the prongs and I lowered my sweater.

It was fascinating to hear Hannah talk about the dynamic of our relationship. I wish she would write here occasionally. I, quite properly, deferred to her. Simone seemed quite surprised when Hannah told her that I only was allowed to come a few times a month and only very rarely was allowed any sort of penetrative sex. “Oh he has his little cup to make his mess in.” “The thing is that if a man can have it whenever he wants he’ll get bored. Making him wait and then making him hurry keeps him on edge.”

I agreed and mentioned that I could no longer really come without having my nipples pinched. “It’s quite true and it means I don’t have to worry about him coming without permission. He asks a lot, I usually say no.”

“It is really all about what I want. We didn’t start that way. Quite the opposite, once a week he thought it would be a good idea to spank me. I hated it. Well that hasn’t happened for at least three years.”

“Even before this dynamic, we never fought. Now, fighting is out of the question. If he is rude or disrespectful or contradicts me he knows he’ll be sent to his corner or whipped or both.”

“He’s such an exhibitionist. He loves his submission and he keeps suggesting I send him to his corner or off to do the ironing when I have girlfriends over. I prefer to keep this dynamic out of our regular lives. But I have been tempted. So this evening is a bit of an experiment. Start with a woman who already knows and see where that goes.”

We spent an hour in this frank and, from my end at least, arousing conversation. Hannah took the lead and Simone had questions and stories of her own, initial, experiences. It turns out that she is a bit of a switch – as happy to take a spanking as give one. As she lives in our neighbourhood, I suggested that I would be happy to provide her with spankings as needed. The Lady of the House gave me a look suggesting that if that were to be on offer she would be the one offering it.

Eventually, Hannah decided that I had had enough of the clips. “They actually hurt more coming off.” she said as I knelt and she removed them. “Thank you Ma’am.” I said as I got up.

The roast was ready and Simone rose to leave. She works in a cafe nearby which has the best croissant. But they are always sold out. “Well, you set two aside and I will send him down the hill tomorrow morning.” Hannah shook Simone’s hand, I bowed.

A lovely, preliminary, evening. Hannah very much liked Simone. “I think I can trust her.” Something Hannah rarely says about women. What happens next is unclear. Simone expressed her curiosity. She would like to see more and understand more about how our relationship works. Now, as in all things, it is up to Hannah. Simone lives quite close by. Close enough that it would be easy for her to drop by to see other elements of my submission. It is really only a matter of Hannah telling me to invite Simone for tea.

Later, Hannah was tired. She retired early. I got the kids to bed and straightened up the kitchen. It was lovely to get out of my girdle and into a pretty white cotton nighty. I offered Hannah my oral services but she was much too tired. I suspect I was too.

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