Bliss and obedience

The Lady of the House retired early last night and, when I had done a bit of work and a bit of tidying up, I went up to join her. Saturday night has no special significance at our house anymore. (Before we switched roles it used to be when I would spank Hannah which she hated.) However, a beautiful woman in a translucent nightie will get me to bed every time.

For a man in my position there is no question of asking for sex with any expectation of being allowed that great gift. However, making myself available and making sure the Lady of the House knows that whatever she wants will be my pleasure to give can set the mood. Hannah, however, was tired and a few minutes after I got into bed turned out her light. I asked if she would like her pussy licked and she demurred. But, as it turned out, she did want her back rubbed and so I got to work.

After only a few minutes – unlike many women Hannah actually like a short back rub – she rolled over and I, very tentatively began to stroke her mound. There was a little response and then a little more. “Darling, I think this is a pussy which would like to be licked.” Hannah said nothing but spread her legs a fraction and I dove to my duty. What fun!

There is the marvelous moment when I am licking Hannah where the freshet of her arousal moistens her sweet lips. I kiss and suck and lick all the more ardently and, when she is ready, drink the sweet succulence from between her thighs. All too soon she decides to finish on her own hand. “Get ready.” she whispered as she touched her wet cunt.

I slipped out of my panties and, when a minute or two later, Hannah came in cresting waves, my cock was wonderfully hard. At her command I slide into her warm, wet, cunt and – as I have been trained to do – took one deep thrust and stopped. I move to her rhythm and it took a moment or two for her to signal me to begin. Of course it was delicious: the final tremors of her orgasm seizing my cock as I very gently thrust.

I could feel Hannah trusting back just a little. But her hands remained on my bottom and hips. No sign of even a light caress of my nipples, much less the pinching which would allow me release. I concentrated on the sweet sensation of her cunt around my cock. We made love for, perhaps, five minutes and then I felt her hands on my hips pushing downwards.

“All right, you’re done now.” said Hannah with a happy gleam in her eye.

And I was. I lay on my side of the bed hopelessly thrusting my cock into the unwelcoming sheets. It took a minute or two for me to regain my composure.

“Thank you darling.” I said.

“Oh, thank you. That was perfect.” said Hannah already dozing off.

It was perfect. All the more so because The Lady of the House had taken exactly what she wanted and nothing more. There really is no reason for a man in my position to ever ejaculate in the Lady’s cunt unless she wants him to. Most of the time that is simply a mess which is more conveniently shot into my saki cup.

I couldn’t sleep for hours thinking about how right it was for Hannah to have all her pleasure and for me to be content with simply being allowed, for a few minutes, the pleasure of her body.


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