Charming and correct

When I actively lead my Knight his whole outlook seems to change – he becomes more confident in everything he does. That confidence even carries over to his work and his writing. He stresses and worries less, he is less moody, and almost nothing rattles him. When I lead him, my Knight is much less forgetful. His projects get finished. When I lead, my Knight knows exactly what he can do to “please me” and so he doesn’t follow me around like a lost pup. My Knight is always attentive to me, whether I’m leading or not. But, when I lead those attentions are more focused.. more.. purposeful. He doesn’t sit in front of me waiting for me to reach for a cup, start a chore, or move something. When I actively lead, my Knight knows I will ask him to do that chore, make that tea or ..whatever. He doesn’t have to wait for the chance to jump in and do it for me. I will find tasks for him to do for me. When I lead,, sex with my Knight changes. He is totally and completely focused on whatever we are doing. He cuddles more, he seems less hesitant to make his wants known. We are closer. A Queen and her knight


This is a gift that every woman can and should give her man.

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