Morning Mess

forced masturbation

“Darling,” said Hannah in a slightly sleepy voice, “I want to see if you can make a mess now that I have those pretty metal rings around your little penis.”

Hannah had found three small aluminum rings which she had made me put under the head of my cock. They did look nice but they made erections a bit uncomfortable.

“Now fetch your cup and take your position.”

The Lady of the House has decided that if I am to be masturbated I have to stand at the side of the bed, at attention, and get to work. She does nothing until she wants me to come and then she reaches up and pinches my nipples.

“Well get on with it…I like how your tiny cockhead is getting all purple. Those rings seem to be doing their job. But can you squirt your mess into your cup. Hmmm. You know”, Hannah said seeing my cock getting full, “I really do think I will get your nipple pierced. You could take me for lunch and we’d have you done afterwards.”

With that her nails dug into my nipple and I could feel my little mess shoot through the ring and into the cup.

“Lovely…now have your little drink and we’ll get on with the day.”

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