whipped husband, strict wife

“Well you can go up to your corner. Now.”

I had been a bit sarcastic with Hannah. Not rude, just not as polite as I should be. I went upstairs, stripped and found a pair of her panties. I went into the closet, closed the door and pressed her pretty panties against the wall with my nose. It was cold and dark and I felt quite ashamed of myself. At the same time, her beautiful scent was intoxicating and I felt myself stiffening.

About ten minutes later I heard the click of her heels and the door opened. Hannah could see my erection.

“I don’t have time to whip you, dinner is nearly ready, but you’ll wear your new panti girdle to bed to night because I certainly don’t have time for your hard little penis. I’ll finish your correction in the morning. You can think about how to properly speak to me while you are thinking about your caning. Now get dressed and come downstairs.”

We had a delightful evening and, when I was sent up to bed, I found the new panti-girdle on the duvet. I pulled it on. It was tight but not uncomfortable. I read until Hannah told me to turn out my light.

This morning Hannah was up early and she made coffee. I heard her coming down the hall.

“Here you go darling.” she said handing me the coffee.

“Before your whipping I wanted to have a little chat with you. Last night was not acceptable. However, I realize that I have been a bit lax and you have slipped into some bad habits. That it going to stop as of today. First off, I want you to get more exercise. You can take the dog out at least three times a day and a mile each time. Second, from now on, even a hint of disrespect or sarcasm and you are off to your corner and in for a whipping. No exceptions. Third, I am going to dial back your alcohol and cigarettes. I am not sure how much yet but you will ask before pouring or smoking. Now get into postion.”

The Lady of the House brought home her point with 12 sharpish strokes of the cane.

“Now get going, that dog is not going to walk himself.”


  1. Hmmm, interesting post. What I find most telling is how the usual endearments towards the Lady of the House are not here at the end of your post. Usually there is something about how loved you are feeling or how much in love you are. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it. How are you feeling about this correction? Have you truly accepted your punishment?

  2. My wife cured me of smoking. She realised my like for a good whipping and in return for a weekly session with a hard whipping I no longer smoke.

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