Keeping Track

dominant wife, cbt

“Darling” said the Lady of the House rather languidly as she lay in bed, “I have the most wonderful idea. You know how much I like seeing your pretty little cock rings.”

“Yes dear.” I said wondering what Hannah had in mind.

“Well dear, we have about a dozen of them. All the same diameter. Fortunately pretty small for your tiny cock. Well, I think we should put one on each day you do not come. So, come here.” she said motioning to her side of the bed.

“You were very good last night. You licked me just the way I like and, when I decided to let you give me greater pleasure, you were very obedient and took your instructions well. I know I could have told you to stop and you would have. But I didn’t and you came. So today is day 1: hold out that pretty little cock for my ring.”

Hannah had a little trouble getting the ring over my cockhead as I was swelling with excitement. But she managed as she always does.

“There you are darling. Now I will be able to see at a glance how long you have been chaste. Of course, a dozen rings is probably not enough…But it is a start. Now off you go.”

The second ring went on this morning…

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