Through the rings

dominant wife, forced masturbation

“There, nine rings.” said Hannah pulling my little cock through the last ring. “Not much room for many more; but, no matter. Go and get your cup.”

I hastened to comply.

“Now, dear man, let’s see if you can even get hard with that much metal on your little penis.”

I began to stroke but Hannah was right, the metal rings made full erection impossible.

“That’s perfect!” cried Hannah watching my cock fail. “Just like being milked but easier for me. Well, hurry up, make your mess.”

With that she took my right nipple between her thumb and index fingernails and squeezed. A sustained dribble of come sloshed into my cup. It was, at best, half an orgasm. Pleasurable but without any intensity.

“Lick it up darling. This really is delightful. Now the only time you will have a real orgasm is when I want your little cock in me, which as we both know is no more than a couple of times a month. But you can be drained through your rings and not lose attention. I think this is one of my better ideas.”

“Yes, dear, it is.” I said knowing she would be keeping me ringed from now on.

“Take off all but three. That way, in a week you’ll have ten on. Perfect.”

One comment

  1. Do you keep him shaven down below to make it easier to apply and remove the rings? Some ladies believe a sub man should have a bald cock and pubes anyway just to remind him of his standing

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