Feet and restraint

foot massage

“Darling, get my foot cream.” said Hannah as she read her book in bed.

I hastened to comply. Burt’s Bees with a consistency of light honey.

“You know what to do.”

Which is true although I don’t get as many opportunities to practice massaging the Lady of the House’s feet. I always manage to steal a few toe kisses and licks. I don’t have a particular foot fetish but serving Hannah always excites me.

Which, when I was done, Hannah noticed.

“Oh no dear. While I love having you attend to my feet I won’t have you poking me with your little cock. Go and put on a pantie girdle and read your book.”

Of course I did what I was told and pulled up my tight little, long legged, pantiegirdle over my five ring erection.

Hannah fell gently to sleep. I remained awake, hard and in love.


  1. I just wish I could show this site to my wife. She already does a lot of the stuff but reading the site would really give her some more ideas.

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