Thank You!

dominant wifeWe thought it would be fun to offer our first book, A Man in My Position, free for a couple of days.

So, starting at 12:00 Midnight tonight (Friday, December 7th) you can download A Man in My Position free.

Just go to here and download away.

And, by the way, we would love you to write a review of the book. Give it stars or actually write something.

We will continue unpacking as you enjoy!

Update: Well, 67 free downloads which is wonderful. Enjoy your books. However, and the Lady of the House is very cross about this….no reviews and no “stars”. Now, either you all hate the book – which we doubt, are very shy (which is certainly possible) or you should go and stand in your corners. The offer closed late last night. But you can still buy A Man in My Position for all of $2.99


  1. Hi
    I paid for a copy of the book as was not offering it for free. I did not want to leave a review as it would have shown my name. Well done with the book

  2. Hello and a Happy New Year to you and your amazing Lady. I bought your book from Amazon last night and read it through at one sitting; it is one of the best esries of essays on the Female-led-Relationship it has ever been my pleasure to read. Your life with your wonderful Lady is a thing of joy and beauty – you are blessed to have such a marvellous Lady to teach you, love you and, when necessary, chastise you.

    Many of us can only dream of such a situation. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

    With all good wishes and my deepsest respects to your Lady.

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