Routine Whipping

ImageMy apologies for the long lag between posts.

We moved just before the holidays and then were caught up in the festivities.

However, just before Christmas Hannah sipped her wine and said, “Now darling, you’ve been very sweet working on the move but it is time to get back to your routine. You can go to our bedroom and take your position.”

I went, stripped naked and put my hands down on our bed.

“Perfect,” said Hannah coming into the room a few minutes later. “Now this is just maintenance but, as it has been a little while, I will give you a double dose.”

She warmed me up with her hand and then, without further words, rained down a dozen, fairly fierce, strokes of the cane. Quickly. I was nearly vocalizing at the end.

“There, that’s the first half..these will be a bit firmer.”

I could hear the cane hiss through the air. A bit?? No, these were very nearly full on.

I was grunting by the time she was done.

“Lovely, I see no reason why you should not have a few welts from your maintenance. This year I am going to be a good deal stricter. Now, get dressed and fetch me more wine.”

All is well.


  1. I love the headline, ‘Routine Whipping’. Is there anything routine about being thrashed? Well, I suppose there is in our lifestyles! You wife’s threat of being stricter with you this year sound ominous – or maybe not? Like Michael M, I look forward to more of your excellent writing in the New Year. It sounds like it will be a very Happy one.

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