Call to Order

dominant wife, whipped husband

Take your postion darling

“Well darling, you certainly have forgotten your place.” Hannah spoke as she sat on the side of our bed. “Imagine going out last night without asking permission. And I have the receipt. $15.00 and, I’m sure, a generous tip. Call it twenty.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I won’t have it. So, today I am going to whip you. One stroke for each dollar. But, if it happens again it will be two strokes. Now, get in position.”

I went to the end of the bed and stepped out of my sleeping panties. Hannah warmed me up with her hand. “I won’t have you wasting our money on the pub and I certainly expect to be asked for permission if you want to go and have a beer.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. You are not going to forget this.”

I heard the hiss of the cane through the air. Hannah was in earnest. After five strokes I was arching my back and after ten vocalizing as the cane sliced. I was shaking as the last three, very hard, punishment strokes were delivered.

“Perfect. I think a few of those welts will be with you for a couple of days. Now get dressed and get to work.” Hannah noticed that my cock was stiffening.

“Oh what a silly man. If you think that little cock is getting any attention you have another think coming. In fact, I might just send you to your corner before cocktails tonight and give you another whipping for cheekiness.”

I am well loved indeed.


  1. I do like the cane! And I hate it. It is the preferred instrument of my wife. Twenty strokes is a lot, but then again, only the last three were very hard. Are you still longing for the next level?

  2. I too am punished for things like that.
    It’s very embarrassing because she will say
    Do you need a spanking?and she checks the condition of my “little boy” she calls it. and I can’t control that it stiffens right in front of her and she says “yes you do”! She has only a few rules that I try very hard not to break because I want to please her. It really is wonderful to be her “little boy”!
    I know that she excepts me and loves me
    And somehow it’s wonderful knowing that if I try to be Macho or anything like that she will not tolerate it,she says I will always be her submissive husband and spanked when I break any of her rules! She sometimes will flirt with an alpa male that looks to be well hung, right in front of me. Then latter say ” see I could have any man I want little boy”!
    Im happy to be her little boy and serve her.
    And I understand when she says she sometimes wants to play with the big boys!

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